Undefeated FEMALE kickboxer vs. MALE Muay Thai fighter – ends in KO

Undefeated FEMALE kickboxer vs. MALE Muay Thai fighter

Can a female martial artist beat a male martial artist?

This debate, which has been raging for ages, came to a culminating point in 2015 when former UFC champ Ronda Rousey and retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. engaged in lengthy verbal warfare, challenging each other. Before that, Ronda Rousey claimed that she could beat then-Heavyweight UFC champion Cain Velasquez “under the right circumstances.” UFC commentator Joe Rogan, which at the time was pretty vocal about the issue of Rousey being able to beat professional male fighters, stated that she could beat up half of the UFC’s male Bantamweight roster.

In retrospect, those statements sound ludicrous, don’t they?

And they are. The truth is, a male fighter possessing the same skill set as a female fighter will beat her most of the time. The great thing about martial arts is that they don’t care about politics or opinions; they state cold hard facts. As much as the UFC hype machine and the cultural zeitgeist wanted you to believe so, no, Ronda Rousey indeed couldn’t beat say, Cain Velasquez. Moreover, history has already proved that there is a pretty wide gap between men and women when it comes to combat sports.

Enter Lucia Rijker. Rijker is one of the best female boxers and kickboxers, ever. The Dutch fighter boasts a truly amazing record of 37 wins (25 KOs) and no losses (with one draw) in kickboxing and a record of 17 wins (14 KOs) and no losses in boxing. Talk about female GOAT potential.

In October 1994 Rijker decided to face off against a male Muay Thai fighter, Somchai Jaidee, who was 13 (9 KOs) – 1 in Muay Thai at the time. The bout was much-anticipated as a male vs female fight is a rare sight, particularly in Europe where the contest took place. The two fighters were virtually the same weight, Somchai being one kilogram heavier than Rijker. The result?

Well, let’s just say it got ugly rather quickly.

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