Guy challenges Muay Thai instructor on subway – gets settled in the ring

Local street fighter challenges Muay Thai instructor in Beijing – gets WAY more than he asked for

Remember the good old days of watching Bruce Lee’s or Jackie Chan’s classic Kung Fu films? The time Lee burst into his rival gym to avenge the death of his master and beats up an entire class of students?

It turns out that fighters showing up to challenge their rival gyms has been going on for hundreds of years, and still happens to this very day. In fact, the Gracie family has helped create an entire sport based on the premise called a “dojo storm”.  To execute the aforementioned, one simply shows up at a competitor or rival’s gym and challenges them to a fight.

But it’s not only fighters or martial artists that get in on the gig, sometimes are drunken idiots, local tough guys, or just crazed street thugs that want to test their mettle in the ring or cage. In this case, things got a little crazy.

The back story to the video below is that the guy in shorts with yellow trim challenged the Muay Thai instructor to a fight on the Beijing subway. The trainer accepted, but said that he would only fight him in the ring at his local gym; a move that placed him at a distinct advantage and also protected himself from liability.

What we witness in the video below is a classic stylistic matchup between a street fighter and a trained fighter.   The comparison of the fighting abilities of a trained martial artist and your local tough guy or bar fighter is quite literally night and day.  It is doubtful but maybe one day, street thugs and tough guys will realize that they simply cannot compete with a trained martial artist.  The gentleman in the video below unfortunately for him, and entertainingly for us, had to learn that lesson the hard way.

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