Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun in challenge fight – ends with devastatingly flawless victory

Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun in challenge fight – ends with devastatingly flawless victory

Two ancient martial arts, Muay Thai and Wing Chun collide in this fight video, and one comes out on top in devastatingly decisive fashion.

From the moment the fight starts it’s the Muay Thai fighter who immediately asserts his authority, landing a powerful body kick to his opponent, then soon after follows up with another kick, which is partially checked, and a glancing punch behind it.

A major part of the Chinese art of Wing Chun is self-defense via deflections, but unfortunately for this overly tentative practitioner, the Muay Thai proponent catches him completely off-guard with a superman punch that drops him flat on his back, with a few ground and pound punches raining down afterward.

The two fighters are then reset, with the downed man given time to recover, at which point the questionable decision is made that the fight will continue.

The Wing Chun fighter looks even more tentative than before now, and rightly so as his opponent is showing no mercy and unleashes a thunderous head kick, then another that lands to the shoulder, before finishing up with a straight right to the face.

It’s all uncomfortably one-sided, with the Wing Chun fighter having failed to land a meaningful strike so far, and essentially is serving as a human punch bag at this stage in the fight.

The Muay Thai fighter throws two leg kicks that are checked, but it’s a beastly right-hand moments later that finally brings an end to the fight, landing with an audible smack as it sends the Wing Chun fighter into a heap on the floor.

It’s no surprise to see Muay Thai coming out on top here as it’s a martial art that’s been tried and tested in a full-contact, competitive setting for many years, with its effectiveness leading to it becoming a staple of many mixed martial arts fighters striking arsenal.

That being said, when watching fights like this it always has to be kept in mind that we don’t know the relative skill levels of the two fighters involved, and on this occasion, it appeared that the Muay Thai fighter was well trained, while the Wing Chun practitioner was well out of his depth.

With that in mind, it felt like this fight could have been stopped far earlier, as this really was one-way traffic from start to finish.

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