Muay Thai beatdown leads to stunning comeback KO

Muay Thai beatdown leads to stunning comeback KO

The tough-as-nails Muay Thai fighter in this video refused to quit despite being on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown and was rewarded when he suddenly delivered a jaw-dropping comeback KO.

Footage shows the fighter in the red shorts having a torrid time as his opponent in the blue shorts puts him to the sword with a savage array of strikes.

The trouble really starts for Red-Shorts when he gets caught with a right hook that buckles his knees and leaves him splayed out on the canvas.

His opponent reels off to celebrate, but this warrior isn’t done yet, taking just a few seconds to regain his bearings and crawl back to his feet, before getting back to business.

Unfortunately for him, that’s just the start of the beatdown as Blue-Shorts wades back in, swinging for the fences with a series of left and right hooks that drop him for the second time in the space of a half-a-minute.

Showing tremendous courage under fire, Red-Shorts again rises back up again and is allowed to continue fighting.

Giving him no time to clear the cobwebs, Blue-Shorts is immediately back on the offense, forcing his opponent to back up against the ropes in a defensive shell as he unleashes an unrelenting barrage of blows to the beleaguered fighter.

It seemed almost cruel to allow the fight to continue at this stage, but Red-Shorts showed no sign of wanting to quit, despite the beating that he was being forced to endure.

Impressed by his heart and determination, the crowd began cheering every time he was able to muster the strength to return fire with a rare strike of his own.

Finally, Red-Shorts was able to get his back off the ropes and began unleashing elbow strikes.

That’s when the momentum of the fight suddenly swung violently in the other direction as one of those elbows made a perfect, devastating connection that knocked Blue-Shorts out cold – offering a perfect example of ‘The Art of The Eight Limbs’ in all of its destructive glory.

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