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3 of the most devastating kick knockouts in ONE Championship history

Take a look back at three of the greatest knockout stemming from a kick to take place in the ONE circle.

ONE Championship is home to some of the most destructive knockout artists on the planet.

They have stopped time and treated fans to unforgettable finishes with the various weapons in their striking arsenals.

Fiery KOs are guaranteed every time ONE Championship holds an event, but if there is one type of knockout that always captures everyone's imagination, it's definitely the kicks.

That said, take a look at three of the greatest kick knockouts to happen in the ONE circle.

1. Superbon vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

Few people thought Superbon would leave the circle with the inaugural ONE featherweight kickboxing world title, let alone send kickboxing GOAT Giorgio Petrosyan to sleep.

However, the Thai did just that at "ONE: First Strike" last October.

The winning moment came when Superbon countered "The Doctor's" straight left and uncorked a right kick to the left side of the GOAT's exposed head.

Petrosyan tried to evade Superbon's trademark kick, but his movements were not quick enough. The Italian-Armenian's lights were shut off in an instant. He curled forward – and with his feet crossed – landed on the back of his head.

The knockout was devastating, but the manner in which Superbon timed his shot and connected was kickboxing at its finest.

2. Janet Todd vs. Ekaterina Vandaryeva

Janet "JT" Todd achieved one of the most impressive knockouts of her career against Ekaterina "Barbie" Vandaryeva at ONE: Century Part I in October 2019.

Both atomweight muay Thai superstars were determined to finish this contest inside the distance, which meant one little mistake was all that was needed for someone to execute a spectacular KO.

They outtricked each other, traded heavy leather, and gave it their all in the first round. However, by the second stanza, the American slowly turned it into a one-sided affair.

"JT" slowed down the three-time muay Thai world champion with punching combinations and kicks. And just over two minutes into the second round, Todd connected with a head kick smack on the jaw that sent shockwaves throughout the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

Vandaryeva lost her footing and dropped to the canvas, while "JT" added another entry into her highlight reel.

3. Rade Opacic vs. Errol Zimmerman

Heavyweight kickboxing contender Rade Opacic announced his arrival in ONE Championship with a spinning heel kick against Dutch veteran Errol "The Bonecrusher" Zimmerman at "ONE: Big Bang II" in December 2020.

Opacic didn't have it easy, though. Zimmerman made life difficult for the Serbian tank by repeatedly finding an opening through Opacic's defense via low kicks and one-two combinations.

However, once the 24-year-old settled into a rhythm, he flipped the script. He troubled Zimmerman with his lengthy jabs and dug into his rival's midsection with stinging body shots.

Then came the finish.

Zimmerman unleashed a left hook just as Opacic spun for a heel kick, but the Serb's foot landed first – and it landed hard. "The Bonecrusher" tried to get back to his feet, but the ref waved off the action, giving the Serbian a second-round victory.