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5 reasons you need to follow Japanese MMA star Itsuki Hirata on Instagram

From training clips to furry friends, the Japanese MMA star has an entertaining social media presence.

Itsuki Hirata is one of the most popular MMA athletes in ONE Championship – both inside and outside the ONE circle.

The 22-year-old has already notched four victories in the home of martial arts to establish herself as a legitimate threat in the bustling atomweight division. Meanwhile, her strong personality has resonated with the global fanbase on social media.

With that in mind, here are five reasons to follow the stylish Japanese star on Instagram, so you can see why she’s so much more than just a talented mixed martial artist.

1. Get an inside look at her MMA training 

The beauty of social media is the ability to witness the work that goes into the performance – not just the end result. 

That is certainly the case for Hirata, who pulls back the curtain and shows everything from her sparring to her weight lifting and her mobility work at Krazy Bee gym.

Those are the elements that lead to strong fight nights, and fans certainly appreciate the firsthand look at "Android 18's" training regimen.

2. Keep up with her fashion statements

Hirata is a trendsetter, not a trend follower. The Tokyo native has her own unique style – and she's not afraid to showcase it.

Her cutting-edge urban chic look has earned her some endorsement deals with cool brands in her homeland, and she’s also a big sneakerhead.

3. Ride along with her travels

Hirata likes to get out and explore, whether it's in her native Japan, on the road for fights, or traveling the world for training.

The rising atomweight star recently took a trip to the U.S., where she trained in San Diego and New York at gyms such as 10th Planet and LAW MMA, while documenting her sightseeing and time on the mats along the way.

4. Check out some delicious food

Fighters and food go hand in hand, and this is something else Hirata often shares on her social media accounts. 

After clean eating to be as healthy as possible during fight camps, it becomes time to give in to temptation and sample all the treats.

5. Who doesn't love cute pets?

"Android 18" finishes off all the Instagram staples with plenty of pictures of her furry friends.

Genie and Haribo are Hirata's toy poodles, who provide some cuteness away from fighting, food, and fashion – and if you fall in love, Genie has her own account to provide a more regular fix.

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