Brian Green offers video proof he did not take a dive vs. Kimbo Slice

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kimbo Slice first came to prominence for winning backyard bareknuckle brawls, all day, and then rose to fame in MMA, headlining some of the most watched cards in MMA history, and making season 10 of the TUF show the most popular in the franchise’s history.

The upper levels of MMA ultimately proved to offer a dim future, so Kimbo moved on to prizefighting, taking the usual route of any prospect in boxing – fighting a series of contests he was expected to win.

In a curious twist, in March, Sliced faced an MMA fighter, in boxing. Veteran MMA pro Brian Green, was a last minute substitute, who, despite ordinarily fighting at 185, managed to beat Kimbo for all three three rounds of boxing, until, with just three seconds remaiing, Kimbo won via knockout.

Many fans thought Green took a dive, but now months later Green came on The Underground and offered video proof that the fight was all too real.

PROOF I didn’t take a Dive. PLEASE SHARE this vid!

From: Brian Green
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The worst thing that ever happened to me, was people saying I took a fixed fight after seeing a GARBAGE CAMERA from Someone Right on top of the action. See this angle. PROOF. NEVER would I be involved in a fixed fight.

This is a LEGIT angle. If you feel like crap for accusing me of taking a dive (which this SHOWS I didn’t) Please help me out by purchasing the Entire DVD of the fight including Entrances, and post fight Interviews.