Wednesday, April 13, 2016

UFC bantamweight Cody Garbrandt appeared recently on Submission Radio ahead of his fight with Thomas Almeida in the main event of UFC Fight Night 88: Almeida vs. Garbrandt, on May 29, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Garabrandt, a Team Alpha Male member, got sucked into the dispute between founder Urijah Faber and former member T.J. Dillashaw, who left for Team Elevation.

After switching teams, Dillashaw said that a number of TAM fighters including Cody had expressed interest in training at Team Elevation. Garbrandt was not impressed.

“No, see that’s some f***ed up s***,” said Garbrandt. “I almost seen him at the Arnold Classic when I was there signing some s***, and had to go and say s*** to him. But with my better judgment I didn’t. I actually didn’t run into him.

“Anyway, long story short – no – that was f***ed up.

“What he was trying to do was recruit people to go out there, take them from the team, you know, go and help him. You know what I mean? But that was before I even knew what team Elevation was.

“I did speak to (Team Elevation head coach) Leister Bowling in Canada about it. He was like, 'oh come out there for a week, we’ll pay you,' like not thinking that they were going to build a team. You know, then I caught wind of it – Faber can attest to this too. I told Faber, like 'yeah man, I’m gonna go out there, pay for a week,' we talked about it. And then I heard him on your show, talking s*** and saying that I was gonna go out there, this and that.

“I was gonna go out there and help you out cause I was under the understanding that you were still just training with Duane and could be on our team – you know, like he did last camp – and then I found out they were trying to start a team, and I was like 'nah.' You know, and that was that. And I was upfront with Faber about that the whole time when I said – and TJ, when that motherf***er tried to, you know, take some of our teammates like Erick Sanchez, and all kind of like, 'oh, come out here and I’ll pay you this' or 'when I come back to Sacramento, you know, we’re going to train together.'

“So he was just trying to – you know, hey if our team ain’t good enough for you motherf***er, get the f*** out. You know? Don’t be trying to take our team, take our training partners if you don’t believe that our team’s good. And that s*** pisses me off, for real. That’s some f***ed up shit. And then he wants to say some s*** about my uncle. He’s like, 'oh he left his family. He left his family to come out here.' Hey you stupid mothef***er, my uncle comes out here, trains me, comes to the fights. I never left him. I know what loyalty is, dude. You know what I mean?

“So I’m sure next time I see him, we’re gonna have some f***ing words for sure. That s*** pisses me off. And I’m glad that you addressed that, cause I did hear him talking s***. And he talked some s*** on Andre Fili too. You know what I mean? I wasn’t blessed with having a whole gym out here, so I’ve bounced around gyms my whole entire life, you know, going to the best gym.

“You know, finally it led me out here at Team Alpha Male – and I still bring my uncle who’s been my number one trainer, been my first trainer since I was 14 years old, boxing. I still bring him out here with me. So he’s gonna sit there talking s*** on an interview on your show, talking about 'he left his family.' Don’t ever f***ing say I left my family dude. That’s some bulls***. You left your family and friends here to go to Denver, Colorado and look what that got you. You got your ass beat.”