TJ Dillashaw: Dominick Cruz thinks he’s Conor McGregor

UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw appeared recently on Submission Radio, for a wide-ranging interview.

On his performance over Renan Barao.

“I was just going in there with the mentality of wanting to punk him, stand in front of him and beat him. I wanted to beat him and break him all in the same fight.”

On beef with Dominick Cruz:
•Cruz called TJ a wannabe,
•Cruz said TJ doesn't know what it's like to fight a real champion,
•Cruz said the division struggled without him.
•“Now that I'm coming back, it can get back on its feet again. That's the truth.”
•”I could be Duane Ludwig's coach. Straight up. And so could (Alliance MMA head trainer) Eric del Fierro”

“He’s acting like Conor McGregor right now is what I really think. He’s just talking a bunch of nonsense, he’s trying to stay relevant while being hurt. You know, he’s been out of the game for the last four years, I mean no one’s seen him fight, and all of a sudden he thinks he’s a tough guy 'cause he got one finish in his career. You know what I mean? Like this guy’s crazy. He’s just talking a lot and keeping himself relevant so that he can get the next title shot, 'cause really he doesn’t even deserve it. He can’t even stay healthy for one fight. Only way he deserves it is by talking it up and making it a big fight. So I think that’s his strategy.”

“It’s just trash talk. He knows I’m a good fighter. I’m gonna come in there and I’m gonna put it on him, man. I mean he keeps saying that I haven’t fought a guy like him, well he’s never had a guy in his weight class like me until now. You know what I mean? Like that’s what everyone always says 'Oh you haven’t fought a guy like me before.' Well yeah because I haven’t fought Dominick Cruz. He also never fought me. So it’s kinda just ridiculous things that I feel like he’s been saying and I’m gonna make sure to shut his mouth when we fight.”

“He’s trying to raise a stink and he’s doing a good job of it. I mean does he have any fighters, you know, other than himself? So right now I don’t think he could train Duane Ludwig at all. I think it’s just Duane being confident in me and saying in interviews that I would knock him out in two rounds, and I think that kind of pissed Cruz off so he’s just firing back.”

On when the fight between him and Cruz could take place and how it would go.

“It’s all about him, I’m healthy. I came out of that fight unscathed and I’m ready to fight tomorrow. He’s the one with the bum leg and has to heal up and get ready, so I think that’s why he’s talking all this crap. He can’t actually even fight so the only way you're still going to work your way to a title shot is by talking, and that’s the only shot. So as soon as he gets healthy, you know I gotta figure out when that’s going to be because I mean I don’t want to wait forever, and who knows if he can even get healthy. The guy's been injured more than he hasn’t.”

On if Chad Mendes not having a proper training camp against McGregor had a major factor on his performance in the fight.

“Oh absolutely. I mean Chad was out drinking beer, fishing and hunting when he got the phone call. I mean he got 10 days to train for a guy that’s been training for three months for a title fight, you know, and Chad always had to work really hard to get in peak conditioning shape anyways because of the way he’s built. You know, he’s a very strong muscle-bound guy and he’s gotta work really hard on getting that cardio up for his fights. And anybody on 10 days notice and that much pressure and that much adrenalin going into the fight, I mean for one, he had an adrenalin dump, and two, he was out of shape. So it was hard to even think that Chad would have enough cardio to last five rounds. I don’t think Chad was going to finish him. I thought he had – I know he has the skills to do it, and he showed that in the fight. He was dominating the two rounds until the very end of the second round, and I still feel like it got stopped a little early.”

On if TJ thinks if an in-shape Chad Mendes beats Conor McGregor.

“Absolutely. 100%. I put my money on it.”

On if TJ Dillashaw still wants to have the Super Fight with Conor McGregor.

“Absolutely, but I don't think he's gonna last that long. I would like to do it now if I could, because I don’t think he’s going to last and be champion forever. He’s definitely going to get beat. I think Mendes showed the holes in his game and I think people will take advantage of it. I think Chad Mendes beats him, I think Frankie Edgar beats him. You know, I don’t know if he’s going to beat Aldo after watching that.”

On John Dodson saying in a recent interview “When I've beat up Demetrious Johnson, I'm going to beat T.J. Dillashaw. He can sit there or run around and tell everybody that I'm just running my mouth, but I've seen him with his eyes glazed over, him being hurt, being cuddled after I knocked him out the last time.”

“Yeah I mean he’s not going to beat Demetrious either. I mean that guy gasses out as well. He's got zero cardio, I’m not worried about John Dodson. I was a very immature fighter [in the original fight]. I had four fights back then, you know, and that fight got stopped early as well. So he got a little lucky. Looked like he closed his eye and threw a big left hook and I was the dumb guy running in with my hands down. So I’m a completely different fighter and I would tear that kid up.”