Bellator PPV price revealed to UG dismay

Bellator PPV price revealed to UG dismay

Bellator: Alvarez vs. Chandler III
Live: Saturday, May 17, 2014 9:00PM (ET) / 6:00PM (PT)
MMA's greatest trilogy ends here! On May 17th, world champion Eddie Alvarez battles Michael Chandler in an epic third fight. Plus, it's MMA's biggest grudge match when Rampage faces King Mo.

?$44.99 HD / $34.99 SD
From Time Warner:

The hardcore fanbase on the UG has historically agreed on exactly nothing. However, the price point for Bellator at $44.99 for High Def generated a degree of vitriol generally reserved for karate instructors claiming unverifiable black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

A sampling of posts appears below. Tellingly, the comments come not from detractors of the world's 2nd largest MMA organization, but rather from fans.
•Lol god damnit bellator
?•Wow that is a dumb price point, this will not go well at all.
•No chance I will pay that. Too bad because I really wanted to support them.
•I want them to succeed but $45 is too much money. They need to rethink this.
Tito Vs Page could actually sell for $45 to some casuals. The only people amped for Chandler/Alvarez 3 are us hardcores who aren't even interested in paying that much. Didn't expect $45 
•Be 60 bux in Canada, f— that s— 
•LOL I would never pay that much for a Bellator PPV. Love them but they're smoking crack
Bwaaaaa hahahahahah *gasp* BWAAAAAAA HAHAAHAHAHAAHA 
•oh Bellator, you make it so hard sometimes
•What! F— that sorry. I want to support Bellator and MMA but come on.
•I want them to do well too but man they priced them selves out for me 
•for real though you'd have to be crazy to pay that much
•this event on Spike for FREE could have been the big push Bellator needed.
•I wanted to see the show, but I'll pass on that price. That's a damn shame. Could've attracted a lot more viewers with a $15-20 price tag, at least I believe so. Anything over $20, for something that *maybe* 3-7 people out of 50 even know exists, is short-sighted, clumsy marketing, in my opinion.
•$14.99 to $19.99 would have made for a good buy rate. No way would I purchase this at $35
•you would think pricing it at $19.95 and hopefully getting 150-200K would be better then there current price and getting between 0-10,000K
•If it was 19.99, sure…but ill pass on the 34.99. 
•I was looking for 19.99 like the old KOTC shows were.
•Lol.lololol I was expecting 20 maybe 
•I enjoy Bellator events but I'll pass. The Bodog PPVs were a lot more compelling matchups and only costed like $25 or $30 IIRC.
•I would do 20-25.
•When I clicked on the thread I has hoping for $20 and thought $25 max. 
•Would buy if it was 24.99. This is too much
I was thinking $25. I want to see Eddie fight but I don't know about that pricing.
•$29.99 HD was gonna be my “maybe” limit.
30 tops and I'm not even buying it 
$30 and they'd probably have twice as many buys.
•If HD was $35 I would've bought it. $45 is just high enough for me to pass.
•I always try to support Bellator since I think more organizations can only enhance the fighters' bargaining power and help the sport expand, but f— no. What the f— were you thinking, 45 for HD? Even 35 for HD I might consider and a 25SD/35HD would've been pretty fair, but no way in hell am I dropping 45 for this card.
•Bellator needed to hook people in at a lower price and offer a true alternative to the UFC for this to be successful, whether it be raising production values or just tweaking their presentation. 
•I really want to watch this fight but can't justify the price. Maybe I'll split it with a couple of friends who have no idea what Bellator is… 
•I might buy it just so down the line years from now I can prove how much of a hardcore fan I am. It'll be the new “I've been a fan since UFC 1” gimmick. 
•Bjorn has said that if this PPV does 1,500 buys, he will BASE jump off the roof of a four-story Motel 6.
•Serious question: Will Dave and Busters be showing this event? Maybe even buffalo wild wings?
•Guys, just invite ten friends over, rape them, take their money, hide their bleeding bodies after you slit their throat, and you can make more money off the PPV than Bjorn will. 
This might also be me lol It's just hard enough to find other UFC fans to split an overpriced PPV, but finding Bellator fans to split an overpriced PPV. F—, that's like finding a pack of unicorns
•How the f— can anyone else find another Bellator fan living within 50 miles to split the cost of the Bellator PPV? This should be a 20 dollar PPV. There's ONE good fight.

•Chandler/Alvarez 3 is one of the best upcoming fights out there right now. I'm tempted to pay just for that. The rest of the card isn't exactly worth $45 though. 
I think the price might be a very good thing……for MMA. Bellator will fold and the UFC can get eddie alavarez, Chandler.. and. and. help me out guys
The last thing MMA needs is another organization folding, so the UFC can snatch up their stars for scraps. MMA needs more organizations to be successful. The UFC needs competition, so fighters have options and the ability to explore their true market value.
•Honestly I love MMA and am a fool and will probably rent it last second after saying all week “no way I am renting this card” like I did before the last Rousey card that she was headlining.
Competition is good for the fighters. If we don't support Bellator then the fighters have no leg to stand on when it comes to negotiating pay. I am buying this ppv for that reason and for Chandler/Alvarez. 

Competition is the bedrock upon which both all of fighting and all of business are based. The existence of an alternative for top fighters is good for their income. Thus it is all the more a shame to see what is apparently so misplaced a price point.