Bisping reflects on Anik’s tweets and bickering with Covington

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Shortly after winning the UFC interim welterweight championship, Colby Covington appeared on the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show with analysts Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, and Michael Bisping. The fighter was offered an amiable softball from Karyn Bryant and responded in character.

“All my haters in one studio, I appreciate it guys,” replied Covington. “But what kind of excuses are you gonna make for RDA now? … No one’s ever gonna legitimize me. And Michael Bisping, I thought you said your coach Jason Parillo was good.”

‘The Count’ responded in kind.

“We’re not making excuses Colby. You fought a good fight,” replied Bisping. “Why are you so defensive? Why you gotta be a prick? … If you care to listen and open your ears, and stop talking so much crap for one minute, you might hear that we actually gave you some compliments.”

Covington gleefully carried on.

“Stop talking crap? Isn’t that your kink?” said Covington. “That’s what you do the best. All you do is talk. Michael Bisping, why don’t you come out, boy? Come out of retirement, Bisping. I’ll retire you for good.”

This was a signature example of Colby Covington getting media attention by acting out. However, UFC commentator Jon Anik viewed the exchange and was “appalled” that Bisping was so “disgraceful”.

Anik did later offer an apology of sorts.

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During his latest Believe You Me podcast, The Count explained that he was just joining Covington’s party.

“He came right hot out of the gate,” said Bisping, as transcribed by Jed Meshew for MMA Fighting. ”I get it, the guy’s charged and he’s kind of made a career out of being controversial and what-not. Maybe if I could do it again I’d calm down, I‘d bring it down just a notch but the first thing he said was ‘Hey, I’ve got all my haters in one spot. Blah blah blah.’ So I said, hold on a minute, just listen, we actually gave you a lot of compliments. . .

“Colby Covington, he’s Mr. Controversy. Everywhere he goes he tries to create controversy. … When he came on, the first thing he did was, ‘f*** you guys up there on the panel. Kiss my a**, you all picked me to lose!’ So I thought, okay here we go, we’ve got Colby Covington in rare form, this is what he likes to do, so I thought maybe I’d be a sparring partner for him.

“I wasn’t offended by anything that he said. … I thought if Colby wants to have a Colby-esque moment and create drama and controversy then I’ll be a sparring partner with him. I gave it back to him a little bit.“

‘The Count’ also responded to Anik.

“We all have different styles,” said Bisping. ”Jon obviously wouldn’t do that – and I love Jon, don’t get me wrong, I‘m having a bit of fun here – but we’ve got different styles. Jon wouldn’t have done that and I wouldn’t go to social media to berate a colleague. We’ve all just got different styles.”

“Those comments stung a little bit. If you’ve got a problem, maybe just shoot me a text, maybe give me some advice. Maybe say, ‘Yo Mike, just giving you some advice as a friend. When you’re in that position, try and separate yourself as a fighter.’ Maybe try and guide me along. Don’t say, ‘Hey, I’m hoping this motherf***er gets fired. He definitely needs to be reprimanded by FOX and this is disgraceful and he should be ashamed.’

“There’s no beef. I respect Jon greatly. I respect him as a commentator, I respect him as a professional, and as a person. I truly do, I’m just having a bit of fun with it. He said it, he apologized, whatever. I couldn’t care less. I’m not in the habit of trying to make enemies. I’m trying to make friends and not hold grudges against people for a silly little Tweet.“

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