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BRAVE CF champion Eldar Eldarov fires back at Joilton Lutterbach: 'Maybe your brain is damaged'

Eldarov insists he's willing to take any fight that BRAVE CF officials put in front of him.

Following a barrage of taunts from Joilton Lutterbach, Eldar Eldarov's patience seems to be wearing thin as the super lightweight champion responded to the German-Brazilian's aggressive demands.

Lutterbach took to social media a couple of days ago to vent his frustration at the lack of communication from Eldarov's camp regarding the latter's request to get a title shot following his blistering knockout over No. 1 contender Marcel Grabinski in Germany's BRAVE CF 61 main event earlier this month.

Lutterbach attempted to bait the Bahrain-based 165 pound BRAVE CF champion, to which Eldarov responded:

"My boy, listen to me, I know in your career you have suffered a lot of knockdowns and knockouts, so maybe your brain is damaged or not working properly," Eldarov said through his social media platforms. "For this, I am truly sorry. I cannot change it, but maybe I can help you with doctors, let me know. 

"But you need to understand that in this game, there are managers, there are matchmakers, and there is BRAVE Combat Federation. Whoever they decide is No. 1 in the rankings, he is the athlete I will defend my title against. … This is how it works. If you think you can come to one of the best organizations in the world, win one fight and talk this way, you are wrong my friend."

Lutterbach has been demanding a fight with the champion ever since his victory over Grabinski and once again put his demands out there.

"I'm still waiting for you, Eldarov," Lutterbach wrote on Instagram. "You can say yes, or you can say no, but please, don't run away."

To which Eldarov's rebuttal was: "If you think I am resting or ignoring you, no, I am doing my training camp, to kick your ass or whoever there may be in your place. Keep winning. Stay ready. Let your manager work properly and get your fight. Don't talk to me. I never say no. I am a champion, and I will defend my title against the No. 1 contender in the rankings. "

The BRAVE CF Super Lightweight division has become the glamor division since its inception, and a handful of fighters are vying for a shot at the 165-pound title. Last month, at BRAVE CF 60, both Brazil's Cleiton Silva and Moldova's Mihail Cotruta also made compelling statements as to why they deserve a shot at the title with finishes within the first two rounds of their respective fights. It was Cotruta who also made a special call-out to Eldarov asking for a title fight, and he seems to be a step ahead of Silva in the pecking order to get a shot at Eldar's belt.