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Britain 'Hart' Beltran says BKFC title all part of universe's plan: 'It just makes my heart so full'

New strawweight champ plans on serving as inspiration for the next generation, and she's not wasting any time getting started.

While Britain "Hart" Beltran may have struggled early in both her professional boxing and bareknuckle boxing careers, things are full speed ahead now, especially after claiming the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship strawweight title this past weekend.

Beltran was dominant at this past weekend's BKFC 29 event, taking the promotion's inaugural strawweight title with a one-sided decision win over late replacement Charisa Sigala.

As she neared her shot at the belt, Beltran made it clear her motivation wasn't just for personal glory but rather to serve as an inspiration to others who could see the value of hard work in all avenues of life. 

After her victory, Beltran proved it wasn't just lip service.

"When everyone asked me why I want to win this belt, what did I say? I said I want to win it so I can bring it to kids and show them anything is possible," Beltran told MMA Underground. "Then after the day after, you know, gosh, we didn't get to Miami until 3 in the morning. I was exhausted, but somebody said, 'Hey, could you stop by a school?' And, you know, there was no, 'Well, let me take a break,' or, 'I'm too busy.' It was like, 'This is my purpose,' and I went in there and I talked to a couple of the kids in there specifically about just like personally growing up and knowing how important it is to be great at everything because, you know, even school, like you can say you want to be the best boxer and fighter, which really has nothing to do with school. But if you can't apply yourself in school, how are you going to apply yourself in something as difficult as being punched in the face, you know? 

"If you can prove and practice your greatness and excellence and something as silly as spelling or math or science, you should be able to do anything, whether it be an astronaut, being a professional boxer, football player, whatever it is, and so I took that as exactly like this is the universe's plan. This is God's plan, and it showed to be exactly what it was, and it just makes my heart so full. It really does."

To see the full interview with Beltran, including her thoughts on her BKFC 29 clash and what makes sense moving forward, check out the video above.