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After successful pro debut, Eric Nolan prepared to show striking evolution at CFFC 107

'Night Time' ready to show new skills in return to CFFC cage in Atlantic City.

After an undefeated amateur career, expectations were high for Eric Nolan in his professional debut this past December. "Night Time" delivered with an impressive decision win over Sane WhiteEagle at CFFC 104, and he admits it was a phenomenal feeling.

"Oh man, it was like a dream come true," Nolan said. "I pictured that moment for a long time."

Nolan entered the contest expecting to prove victorious, just like he had for each of his six amateur fights. Still, he said there were definitely some nerves as he stepped into the cage.

"Oh, for sure," Nolan said. "I mean, I felt a lot more pressure on that fight, like I had a lot more people there, so it was dealing with all that, and you know, once you go pro, you can't go back, so this is when it really matters. Amateurs, it's all for experience, you know?"

Nolan looked fantastic in the matchup, dropping and rocking his opponent several times, but WhiteEagle showed incredible heart and was able to last until the final bell.

"I keep telling everybody I'm pretty sure 90 percent of the other 170-pounders are going to crumble if I hit them with the sh-t I hit this kid with," Nolan said.

Nolan certainly would have preferred to get a finish, but he does see value in getting a full 15 minutes under his belt in his professional debut.

"Now I know I can do it," Nolan said. "I felt like my cardio was tested in that fight, and I definitely could hang for 15 minutes."

Nolan (1-0) returns to action at Friday's CFFC 107, which streams live on UFC Fight Pass from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. There, he'll take on Ty Miller (1-0), another welterweight prospect who was also victorious in his professional debut. Nolan said he's excited for the matchup

"He took the fight on two weeks' notice, but we both have the same amount of time to prepare for each other," Nolan said. "He's coming off of a win. I think it's another good test, a different style of an opponent. I don't think he's as tough as Shane WhiteEagle, but he does have a little more technique."

Another impressive performance, and the attention surrounding Nolan will certainly increase. Those that watched his amateur career were undoubtedly impressed with his skills, but Nolan knows competing on UFC Fight Pass will allow him to reach an entirely new audience as he works toward an opportunity with the sport's biggest promotions.

"We're always still learning and still developing, but I definitely want to fight," Nolan said. "I just signed a four-fight deal with CFFC. I want to get at least three of them done by the end of the year and climb up the ranks. I want to fight for the CFFC welterweight title one day. That's definitely on my list."

Nolan can take another step toward that goal on Friday night, and he's planning on showing off a little bit more of what he brings to the cage.

"I think you're going to see a little more striking, a little more boxing on my part, trying to set up my kicks a little better than I did last time," Nolan said. "Push him into the cage, wear him down and bring him into my world a little bit – see how he reacts to the wrestling.

"I'm a wrestler, naturally, but I've been striking a lot more, so I'm hoping I could strike a lot more with this kid and get him afraid of my takedowns and then light him up."

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