Coach: Condit did as much damage from bottom

Brian Hemminger ( Were you impressed with Carlos’ warrior spirit during the fight? I think a lot of guys would be pretty discouraged getting taken down and controlled like that pretty much ad nauseum.

Mike Winkeljohn: Well you know what? I was definitely impressed with his warrior spirit but I look back at the fight and I know we were losing the fight because Georges was on top, but honestly, look at Georges’ face after. Really, we probably did as much damage if not more from the bottom as Georges did from the top. He was on top controlling and imposing his will. He got the takedown points. In the stand-up, of course, we hurt him more. There’s no doubt Carlos was a great warrior and he was in the game.

I’ll tell you what. If we would have had a round or more of that, that would have taken its toll on Georges because we weren’t going anywhere.

Brian Hemminger ( Yeah, I noticed in the fifth round Carlos stuffed at least one takedown. It seemed the tide was starting to turn a little bit. So that was something you saw too?

Mike Winkeljohn: After the fourth round, I told him he had to knock him out, that he had to go out there and do it. He said, “Yes sir.” I kind of had goose bumps because I really felt Carlos was gonna do what he nearly did do, that it was gonna work for us. After he got extension on that first single leg takedown attempt, I think it was the first one of the fifth round, I felt good, like “Here we go,” but again, Georges is the best at what he does. That’s why he’s Georges St. Pierre.

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