Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Colby Covington lost his interim welterweight belt when Tyron Woodley successfully defended his vs. Darren Till on Saturday night. Till is down, so during a recent appearance on The Luke Thomas Show, Covington did what comes naturally, and kicked him.

“Till’s just an overrated doughboy that had a whole lot of hype,” said Covington, as transcribed by Alexander K. Lee for MMA Fighting. “He talked the talk, but he couldn’t walk the walk like me so he needs to leave it to the big boys. He beat a crippled old ‘Clownboy’ and got a gift in his hometown against the ‘Choirboy’. He should have never been rewarded with a title shot for missing weight in a third of his UFC fights. Good thing he neglected his family to land a hot zero significant strikes in two rounds.”

Till also referenced the viral video of Snoop Dogg narrating Woodley vs. Till with wild rants against US president Donald Trump. The rapper was confizzled – Till is English, the huge Trunp fan is Covington.

“Snoop Dogg needs to get checked for Tourette’s,” said Covington. “Have you seen that malnourished twig hit the mitts? It’s a sight to be seen, it’s a joke. He needs to stick his a**hole-ness to rapping and get used to Donald Trump being his president for the next six-and-a-half years.”