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Dana White to Americans afraid to return to work: 'I'll run you over'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White has a message to American businesses and workers not quite ready for a return to normalcy in the midst of a still-raging global pandemic: "I'll run you all over."

Dana White on nervous workers: 'People need to get back to work as soon as possible'

In a new interview for ">Fox News, the UFC boss was asked about some employers and employee's motivations to succeed in a world where COVID-19 is still a daily concern. White is confused by some company's hesitation to return to operating in ways similar to 2019. For the man that pushed forward with his organization in the early days of the pandemic, while leagues like the NBA and NHL preferred a cautious approach, the UFC leader believes more businesses around the country should return to normalcy, or be crushed by his organization's success.

"I've never seen anything like it. It's blowing my mind," White said. "Everybody that's slowing down, everybody that is afraid or whatever their reason for not wanting to get back to work, not wanting to run their business, not wanting to get back to normal and full capacity, I'll run you all over."

White's comments come as COVID cases are surging throughout most of the country, as the more contagious DELTA variant has become the dominant form of the virus in much of the US. Death numbers are still fortunately low, and nowhere near what they were in the winter. However, when cases increase, an increase in death numbers usually does come soon after.

In explaining why he feels businesses need to return to normal, White mentioned that there was no better time than now for companies to succeed. Opportunities abound as most states loosened COVID restrictions over the last few months, as vaccinations became available. However, he also believes that success can't come for businesses unless unsure Americans return to work.

dana white

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"There's never been more opportunity than there is right now," said White. "I keep hearing about restaurants that can't open all the way because they can't get people to come in to work. You can't get an uber because nobody wants to go back and drive uber. It's a very weird time in this country right now. People need to get back to work as soon as possible."

And if you're looking for proof of making the most of an opportunity, then White thinks businesses should look no further than his own organization. The UFC's most recent pay-per-view offering UFC 264 had record sales, and part of that recent success he believes comes from the increase in their fanbase by promoting events throughout the pandemic.

"We created more fans because we went through the pandemic. There was nothing else to watch, so if you hadn't seen the UFC before, you got into it during the pandemic.