Evan Tanner Remember (1971-2008)

Evan Tanner Remember (1971-2008)

One year ago today, the mixed martial arts community lost one of its most beloved figures.

Yet the spirit of Evan Tanner is alive and well, and quite possibly stronger than ever, thanks to the legions of fans and supporters that he gained over the years. They are content to help spread the message he intended to share to the rest of the world before his untimely death last September in California.

“I still see where people still make threads or posts about him on message boards,” Jason Leigh, a close friend of Tanner, told MMA on Tap. “They are more about his words and thoughts other than of his fighting. I think he would like that.”

So how could a man that described himself as a shy wallflower, liar, and cheater at times end up becoming such an adored figure in all walks of life, not just in the world of fighting?

“Evan meant a lot of things to a lot of people,” said Ian Dawe, another close friend of Tanner. “To some he was a drifter, a poet, a warrior. To others he was a world champion and source of inspiration. He was my best friend. More importantly, Evan was his own man. He knew his path, and he walked it.”

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