Fallon Fox on Cris Justino: We’re both women, but she cheated

Transgender professional mixed martial arts fighter Fallon Fox recently came on the UG and engaged in an extended and somewhat contentious dialogue with members of the site. The UG  account in use has been established previously as belonging to Fox, and was reconfirmed today via both FaceBook and Twitter. However, there is no absolute guarantee that the account and her social network was not taken over by for example someone her camp.

Although Fox is to some degree combative in several of her posts, it should be considered that A. She has read months of hateful posts on the UG, and B. She's a fighter.

Fox addressed the issue of Cris Justino.

“Why in the hell would I want to be in the female division as an actual male?” asked Fox. “That would suck for me actually. THAT would make me feel INCREDIBLY horrible for sure. I'd get no fun out of that because it might look something closer to Justino when she was on roids. And to be honest, her being on steroids bothered me. But, ya thats like the last thing on earth I would have wanted. No, I wanted the playing field to be more even. Because, you know… I actually like accomplishing things that make me feel good.”

Please note, a number of inappropriate comments were deleted. In cases where Fox chose to reply, the questions were copied below.

Fallon Fox – “Snappin' arms and breakin' faces”

From: FallonFox
Member Since: 5/24/12

Fallon Fox snappin' arms and breakin' faces

Just in case you've missed the carnage of the past few years. Here's an update.

…and I've had, and continue to have a fun time while doing it. Why, just last month I got the chance to turn a cage into a wading pool of Tamikka Brents blood. Brought smiles to my face I tells ya. And what happens directly after? Ronda Rousey expresses yet again that she's a child with Halloween fever.  I say that because she starts spouting off about how scared she is of skeletons. My skeleton in particular.  Same with Charmaine Tweet – a 6' tall fighter with a record of 6' 4″ who's scared to death of lil' ol' 5' 6″ me.

So, yes. It is RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN this spooky holiday season for these chumps as it's always been. Try hard as ya can to stay faaaaaaaaaaar away from Fallon Fox as possible. Lol Me? I'm saying come get me you babies! They ain't got nothin in the guts department. All of you here can see that by the dodging they consistently do based on fear and utter nonsense. Even if you support their nonsense and you've been around the discussion for a while, you know it is actually factually inaccurate nonsense. Ya just hate me for being a transgender woman.

Yeah, they're running for cover while crying and peeing their panties. Not all female fighters are scaredy cats like these though. They don't let their managers and coaches convince them to be scared of dumb crap to get away from another skilled fighter because they themselves are scared of the potential loss. Nah, some are like “Bring that skill! If I win I get put on the map”. Ya, those are the real deals right there. And that's respect!

So, indulge yourself. Watch little snippets of me implementing what I've learned all these years. I am, and I'm loving every second of it.

From: Descriptox
How did it feel to get beat by a girl?

From: FallonFox
Correct moron. I lost to a 'girl' as a 'girl'. Stop being scared of being a homosexual. If you are, you are. If you are not. Then you are not. You don't have to be a flaming jerk because you saw a woman who was once male and think that everybody is going to think that you are gay for being a decent human being to her. Mostly repressed homosexuals do that. Theres a lot of the world that realizes that im nowhere near a “dude” or an “imposter” or anything like that. I suppose some come to the sport of MMA to overcomphensate for their failings as a straight men. You may desire to be with a man as a man deep down inside. Hey.. thats all ok ya know? Its 2014. Me? I prefer being a woman with women. Not what all of this is all about. But, I dont go around trying to slam other people because im uncomforable with that. Because im not. I just to it. So go do it.

And for the rest of you who arent gigantic frigging idiots, repressed gay men, or simply jerks for the sake of being jerks – im glad that you enjoy MMA as I do for the technique and ass kicking exitement like I do. Because thats what its all about.

From: FallonFox

I dunno guys. looks like my technique has improved since last year.  MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!!!  
“Oh no! She's really as good as we knew she was!  :-O  Head for the hills!!!!”.

From: FallonFox

At time 3:00 I just rewind and admire my work over and over and over again. With a huge smile I might add. 🙂

You're being way too thin skinned for someone who's first post was full of shit talking. You knew exactly what kind of reaction you would get by doing that so stop being sensitive.

From: FallonFox
Too thin skinned? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!  lol  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  *literally fell out of the chair laughing* No no no silly.  See, im not the skin thined one. Me? Im here talking about my new video. You're bent out of shape and “thin shinned” from lil ol fallon fox. I'm actually quite amused right now. Please give me more. It used to bother me. But, not anymore. It's been over a year since I came out. And if my last fight is any indication. THE MORE CRAP I GET, THE MORE IT FUELS ME AND THE BETTER I DO. I'm in a complete reversal from last year silly. I suppose I should thank all of the haters for making me the better fighter that I am now. Getting over that crap was something that I really needed to learn. So, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Yes, im hella mentally stonger now and fighting even better than I was before. I'll keep kicking ass in the cage, and ill be laughing with every strike, every choke, and every win that I get while im doing it. Just like I did with my last opponent as I straddled her back, threw my legs in, and hammered away while beating her down in front of her whole entire family and friends as they yelled transphobic crap. I got my vengence and it tickled me pink. No… wait… it tickled me red. Had to take a shower after. But, you get the point. 

From: FallonFox
I remember there was this one time I was in cage and I fought this one woman who was trying to take me out also. In the end I cleaned house with a knee choke to the throat. Oh wait. Ive beeen in that scnerio 6 times already. Oh wait, I won 5 of them. Oh wait, Charmaine Tweet knows this and is running like hell because she knows that my skills will rough her the hell up.

Y u no fight guys?

From: FallonFox
Cause im a woman stupid. Thats why. 

Actually you're a man without a penis

From: FallonFox
Actually you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. And I think that you are scared of me, because you are scared of yourself. 

From: FallonFox
Do you know whats bad for the sport? Ignorance. That is what is bad for the sport.

Austin Powers: “That's a man baby!”

From: FallonFox
Bring me more bring me more.  🙂  Exept you're Austin, and im the woman who you are trying to pull the wig off of. But, its not comming off. Because youre wrong. Your dumb ass has the whole thing twisted, and youre left saying “Why wont this wig come off!” You walk around laughing as if you achieved something with your joke. But, in reality the joke is on you. You could have a small bubble of people around you saying the same joke and lauging at their own stupididty – which you do. But, outside of you, you're just as an idiot as you are on the inside – and people know it.
“Fallon is bad for MMA”    No… no, no, no. What I just described is bad for MMA. YOU are bad for MMA.

I just chopped off my legs and had wheels installed. Im no longer a man.
Im a segway! And proud of it.

From: FallonFox
No, you would have to have that part of your brain that identifies as male removed, then replaced with the part of the brain that a person that identifies as female to no longer be a man. Careful though, because you'd be a woman with a male body and you'd be screamin to have somebody fix you and change you to female form. Which they could. But, that would really really suck for you. …trust me. 

Question Fallon on the basis it seems this is legit.
Did you ever fight or train before you made the changes? Did you ever consider a pro career in male MMA? I ask because no part of the process would suddenly make someone think, now I've had a sex change I wanna fight, surely?
If you didn't, do you think had you have trained and fought as a male, you'd of made the same headlines? Do you have any bitterness that, like it or not, right or wrong, you'll never be known for your fighting, only who you are?
If your posting here for real and plan on staying here, much as I disagree with what you're doing and all you say, I'd prefer to hear your reasons and thinking rather than the somewhat pointless trolling you've bought us so far. If you're just here to raise two fingers and say fuck you to everyone, you're gonna find pretty much everyone here hates what your doing as much as possible anyway, a bit of forum trolling isn't gonna make anyone hate you more!

From: FallonFox
Ah, somebody asking realy questions. No, I did not train in MMA before 2008.  However, I was a high school folk style wrestler for 1 season in high school. I put that info out there from the jump. Yet it rarely reaches some within the MMA consiousness. So, I had a technical base via ground fighting. Jiu jitsu seemed the best fit to focus on in the beginning. Wrestling is not Jiu Jitsu. But, aptitude for it increases with former ground experience. I caught on fast.  But, it had very little to do with my body. It was the knowlege of where I was on what position at any given time on the ground that helps. Same thing happens to other female fighters who transfer over to jiu jitsu and MMA with wrestling experience.
And if my body were still male I would have fought in the male division like Parinya Caroenpol. Why in the hell would I want to be in the female division as an actual male? That would suck for me actually. THAT would make me feel INCREDIBLY horrible for sure. I'd get no fun out of that because it might look something closer to Justino when she was on roids. And to be honest, her being on steroids bothered me. But, ya thats like the last thing on earth I would have wanted. No, I wanted the playing field to be more even. Because, you know… I actually like accomplishing things that make me feel good.
By the way.  Did you know Parinya kept fighting after her gender change? She fought women though. Because thats where she belonged, that what she became, and thats what the doctors knew who licenced her in muay thai….

From: FallonFox


From: FallonFox

Just in case you were not aware Parinya has slowed down to female pace and range because of her transition. And she's fighting also. 

From: FallonFox

So, with that. Its back to time 3:00 of this video. Where you can watch in amazement. Just let that sink right in. Because I sure as hell am. 😉

From: FallonFox

Whistling as I post this.

Wow in like sin
Fallon the Only way you can maybe get respect is somehow explaining how is it that you get into MMA as soon as you became a woman. How is it that you don't think being a man for 30 years of your life won't impacf your physical attributes in the cage and be seen as an unfair advantage.
There is no way you should expect anything less then the flack you're getting based on the circumstance.

From: FallonFox
How soon is too soon? I transitioned in 2006 it's 2014. Im WAY beyond commossion standards and totally in the clear.
And of I don't get your respect then FINE. I don't care about getting your respect if you lack the mental capability to think rationally on complex subjects such as this. I've come to the conclusion, that this is similar to high school all over again.  The ones who are more boneheaded and scream the loudest on subjects rarely have anything intelligent to say. They just call you names and wallow in name calling. They never really want to get down to the bottom of a subject. They never really want to dissect a thing. They don't know what the hell they are talking about anyway. No. See, they didn't study. But, they do have a snippet of this information or that one they hold on to. That limited info that is extremely basic and shapes their whole world view. But, they are missing some of the more complicated information on some important subjects. And if you call them on that they say, “Ya think you're so dang smart don't ya! What? Because scientist and doctors told ya that you believe them? What about good ol fashion common sense dang it!”.  Even though things are far more complicated than they can grasp with their rudamentary understanding of things.
And if the authorities say to them. Hey, we've gone over all of this and we've found some very interesting facts that negate what we knew in the past – So please take this new information and update yourself – the boneheads rarely if ever do.
I seek the respect of those who are not ignoramuses. I love those who love me back, AND I AM GETTING THAT LOVE.  Others can disrespect me all they want. They are going to do it anyway out of sheer stupidity and lack of information on transgender people. I can't worry about you. I'm going to live my life and push forward. I'll fight through you and use your lack of respect as motivation. And remember, there are people who respect me. You just bark loud. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the respect of the unrespectable.

From: Ramy Daoud 
•Fallon is a really cool person, I support her 100%
•I got a lot of vote downs for saying Fallon is a cool person, haha damn

From: FallonFox
Ya. See, you know me. You've trained with me. You know where my head, heart, and body are in this sport. You  know the extent of my capabilities and all of that also.  They are working as outsiders to experiencing me. Much like Joe Rogan, Matt Mitrione, and Rousey did from the jump. And it's hard to pull back from their previous stances when they've leaned in so hard already. “She's not actually a psychopath? She's not really a guy either? She doesn't really have extremely large hands like Joe Rogan said? She can loose as well as win? She's as strong as other female fighters in her weight class? Bone density accounts for well… Nothing in MMA?”. They loose their shit when they are wrong. “How can this be!!!! The almighty Joe Rogan has spoken! He knows more than those in the medical field and scientist in labs, commissions, and all of this!”. He knooooooooooooows! Lol

From: FallonFox


1. I am for the transgendered and hope they find peace and their place in this fucked up world; not beating up women.
2. You didnt disclose the information that you were transgendered until after it leaked. That is absolute garbage and those who faced you prior to this should be granted no contests because of this.
3. You call us ignorant because we dont believe you should be beating up on those who are actually female? Pretty sad.
4. Freud would have a tough time with you considering ALL of the facts concerning you and the situation you have put us all in.

From: FallonFox
1. Me too! I don't want to see any woman beating up another woman outside of the cage either.
 2. I did disclose silly. I've got records of all that silly. It's why when the Florida commission investigated (remember that silly?) they found me at no fault.
 3. Yup. Because I am actually female. And your ideas are as Matt Mitrione put it when he publicly apologized – “antiquated”.
 4. That's why Freud was a psychologist waaaaaaay back in the day. And why things have been updated with new findings. You know what they used to do with gay people? They used to lock them up in insane asylums. You know what they used to do with lesbians? They used to lock them up in insane asylums. You know what they used to do with transgender people? They used to throw us in insane asylums. That is until they found out more about us. Until they realized they were wrong with limited information that they had.
Freud has very little to do with this. The current DSM does. And I'm hoping that you are informed enough to even know what a DSM IS.

Fox later followed up on her remarks about Cris Justino.

Bothered me because that was a hosed thing to do actually. She went way out of female competitive range, and she did it on purpose. Funny thing is I actually fit within female range of competitiveness, I went to the commissions and got license because of that fact, and some give me crap about doing exactly what I shoulda done. Yet, I find it to be quite insane that some throw hate at me, and don't say as much about her. Lemme get this correct. I go to commissions, tell them my medical history, get licensed, and compete like transgender women have since the 70's and I catch flack. Cris goes and grabs steroids, climbs to the top of the women's division. She takes out Carano, Finney, Coenen – heck she takes out everybody. This is all knowing full well that she's out of athletic range of women who don't take steroids. I mean, that was the reason why she took steroids in the first damn place.

There's a major difference in @criscyborg and me. We are both women that's for sure. But, one of us did not cheat, and one did. And the cheater was in no way me. My complete MMA record still stands, I've not been suspended, and I've been licensed again and again. See, I actually care about my wins. Meaning it gives me less joy if I were to intentionally “cheat” in that way.

But, that's not saying that I'd never fight Cris. It's almost been 2 years now? She's slowed down a few ticks since her suspension. So, she's kind of gradually coming back down here with the rest of us. At some point, I'd certainly like to try my hand at her. Just because she does have actual skill, she's now doing the correct thing as far as we know, and I'm willing to let bygones be bygones and let the good times roll on. I think it's likely that she's a pretty decent human outside of her past mistake. So, I've got no personal issues with her. And I'm certainly not like our 6' 0″ friend Charmaine Tweet who wants to run from challenges.