Saturday, September 08, 2018

MMA veteran Cody Stevens fought Aaron Mitchell at Honor FC 6 on August 19 at Jacobs Pavillion in Cleveland, Ohio. The pair were trading and Mitchell’s thumb went deep into Stevens’ eye. The official result was a win via KO/TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 1:09 of Round 2. The reality is that Stevens may lose his eye.

The fighter discussed the calamity on his social network.

“If you haven’t been following, I ruptured my globe – which is the entirety of the eyeball – on August 19th, which was also my birthday,” said Stevens, as transcribed by Zane Simon for BE. “This injury required emergency surgical repair. From the get-go the outlook has not been promising.”

“Initially they were going to remove the eye that night, as it had been ruptured so severely and lost a lot of its contents – meaning fluid inside the eye. Miraculously the surgeons were able to suture it together, thankfully. Sutures that would hold it together, but we knew we would need a few more miracles for the eye to ever function again, even at a very low percentage.

“Because the globe is not healing, the eye is continuing to shrink and cause me pain. It is painful to open my left eye even. So we are now discussing removal options. Now that I have had time to process this, I know that there are other things I want to do that I cannot do if this eye is not removed.”

Stevens says he hopes to grapple and coach following the removal of his eye, has no regrets, and wants no pity.

Images on instagram of the injury were captioned, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”