Former M-1 exec: Dana White is 100% right

I left M1 and it was amicable, but there was a huge amount of money still owed to me for the M1 Series production. I was told I would be taken care of, and I never was. A portion of the money owed was supposed to be for the M1 commentators, Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock. They were never paid by M-1, so I paid them out of my own pocket.”

“I’m selling these tapes as a way to recoup the substantial amount of money that is owned to me. M1 didn’t pay the invoices and the past year and a half they’ve been giving me BS excuses. I know financially things aren’t well for them, but this is a complete reflection of M1.

“This is not aimed to hurt Fedor Emelianenko in anyway. He’s been completely mismanaged. I hate to say that Dana White is right, but he’s 100% right with most of the comments he’s made towards M-1. They unfortunately ruined Fedor’s career. Can it be salvaged? Sure. But M1 as a management company is ridiculous.

“You got to remember everyone at M1 left and they put Evgeni Kogan, a translator, virtually in charge of the company. Director of Operations? What is that? When we were there, we actually had revenue coming in and was producing a product. Now they have nothing coming in and it’s in complete disarray. You can’t put a translator in charge of running a company.”

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