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John Dodson on BKFC debut win: 'I'm still one of the most violent individuals in the world'

Following a first-round TKO over fellow UFC veteran Ryan Benoit this past weekend, 'The Magician' promising more violence in the BKFC ring.

While John Dodson fought twice for the UFC's flyweight title during his nine-year run with the promotion, he admits his performances tailed off a bit during his final octagon appearances.

However, following a scintillating bareknuckle boxing debut in which he dispatched of fellow UFC vet Ryan Benoit in the first round of their BKFC 28 matchup this past weekend, Dodson said he's primed for the next phase of his career.

"I told you I was sacrificing these hands nonstop to go ahead and get that victory, and I made sure I stayed true to my promise," Dodson told MMA Underground. "I went out there and I wasn't a liar, and everyone kept on sitting there going, 'Well, I don't know if Dodson still gots it,' and I showed on Saturday night that I did. 

"I went out there with a very tough opponent who's seasoned, who's well-versed in pretty much taking abuse, but as he stepped into the ... squared circle with me, he realized that I was a different breed, different animal, and I showcased why I'm still one of the most violent individuals in the world – not just BKFC, not just UFC, just in the world."

Dodson and his brother were both victorious on the night, each picking up performance bonuses with their work, as well. At 37, "The Magician" said he's again found his passion for competition and is hoping to showcase his talents again quickly, whether it be in BKFC or MMA.

"Hopefully I can fight before the end of this year," Dodson said. "I want to fight either BKFC, MMA – anybody who's chomping at the bit, who just saw me perform like I just did. Everybody pretty much realizes the value, of what I still got.

"I'm still in my prime. I'm still sitting there doing my thing, and I'm making sure I can make waves from here on out. Like, not just little, tiny waves. I'm talking about big old tsunami waves that everybody wants to surf. I'm that dude."

Check out the full interview with Dodson in the video above.