K-1: Bob Sapp lies, is a most lamentable dustman, a hairless prick

Earlier this week Bob Sapp talked about K-1 and its parent company FEG and accused the company of stiffing its fighters.

Today K-1 president Sadaharu Tanikawa fired back at Sapp, declaring his words to be lies and saying that Sapp “should not be considered as a normal person”.

He also called the former NFL player “the worst, most lamentable dust man”, in what is possibly the best insult ever delivered in MMA by a non-fighter.

Less amusingly, Tanikawa threatened to sue Sapp for his remarks. But this is likely to be no more than hot air – FEG has bigger things to worry about than one of its former stars saying bad things about it.

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FEG President Sadaharu Tanikawa has gone on a Twitter rampage at Bob Sapp in response to allegations that the purse for Sapp’s Dynamite 2010 pro wrestling bout with Shinichi Suzukawa (whom Kimbo Slice is now fighting in IGF) was changed on his arrival in Japan.

“No one cares anymore, but the Sapp incident had NOTHING to do with the fight money,” said Tanikawa via FEG’s English writer Stuart Tonkin. “You can ask IGF about that. That guy is such a loser. He is one lonely man….”

Someone then suggested that perhaps Sapp and Tanikawa should settle their issues in the ring. His reply, “I wouldn’t lose to that hairless prick.”

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