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Karate Hottie: Doc couldn't find my pulse after weight cut

Karate Hottie story tells danger of EXTREME WEIGHT CUTTING
Michelle Waterson, Karate Hottie

At UFC on Fox 20, UFC strawweight Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson spoke with the media about her recent injuries, her upcoming fight with Aisling Daly, training with Holly Holm, meeting Joanna Jedrzejczyk, made a plea for a 125 division, and detailed why she will never try to make 105.

Waterson competed at atomweight (105) from 2012-1014, winning and defending the Invicta FC belt. She has since moved up to 115, and is happy there, but hopes for others in the division struggling to make weight that they can move up, and knows what it is like to cut hard.

Michelle Waterson

"It's been a little while since you made 105," noted a reporter. "Is that something you anticipate doing again?"

Waterson gently shook her head, and replied emphatically.

"No," she replied. "No, no, NO."

Now animated, Waterson continued.

“So the last time I made 105, right after weigh-ins, the doctors had to check your pulse, and make sure you’re okay, and they couldn’t find my pulse for a whole hour. That’s how dangerous ... it was dangerous for me.

"I'm getting older. It is what it is. I enjoy fighting at 115. I might be one of the smaller ones in the division, but I think there are some things that I have, that I think some of the girls in the division don't have, that will play towards my advantage."

And it would be remiss to discuss The Karate Hottie without a glimpse at the UG G.O.A.T gif contender:

Michelle Waterson, Karate Hottie

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The end.