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Korean female fighter alleges Road FC boss forced painful semi-nude photoshoot

Song Ga-yeon, Song Gayeon

Korean reality television star turned MMA fighter Song Ga-yeon has suffered a fraught career, particularly given she is just 1-1. Late in 2014, she reportedly sought psychological treatment in response to online comments. Her promoter, Road FC, even filed a formal complaint with the Seoul Prosecutor's Office, after a "Mr. Y" threatened on line to kill her with a chainsaw.

In January of 2015, Song informed Road FC president Jung Mun-hong she was leaving the company. In December of 2016, she won a lawsuit against Road FC. Korea Times reports that the case centered on allegations that Road had damaged her reputation by claiming in press releases that her relationship with Road fighter and coach Seo Doo-won was not consensual.

Now in an interview with Maxim, the fighter claims the promoter forced her to pose for semi-nude photos, for no apparent marketing purpose. Song, now 22, said she was "forced to wear only a thong" and to "put a pad on my breasts. ... It was disgraceful at the time of shooting and it was also painful afterwards."

She also alleged that Jung had consistently abused her verbally, treating her as "mentally challenged" in front of other members of the company. Further, she alleges that Jung inappropriately and repeatedly asked whether she had sex with Seo, 35.

Song said he had long aspired to become a mixed martial arts fighter and attended a high school for bodyguard hopefuls, and studied karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kendo and Jeet Kune Do. She said the public dispute with Jung made it hard to find a gym, but that she had recently been training in the USA, where her MMA prospects were better.

Park Sang-min, singer and Road FC vice-executive defended the boss. Park described himself as, "a close friend of Jung, who, despite being 10 years younger than me, has always been an older brother to me and has a pure soul."

Further, he said Song "should watch her mouth for incriminating Jung mentioning the sexual allegation."

Road FC fighter Kwon A-sol and cage girl Choi Seul-ki also defended their boss, explaining that Jung is "our benefactor" and "my hope, dream, passion and love."

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Song in training

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