Linear title at stake in SF tournament?


Mark Coleman beat Daniel Severn wins first UFC heavyweight champion      
02/07/1997     UFC 12: Judgement Day     Submission     2:57  of Round 1

Maurice Smith  beat Mark Coleman
07/27/1997     UFC 14: Showdown     Decision Unanimous Decision  

Randy Couture beat Maurice Smith
12/21/1997     UFC: Ultimate Japan 1     Decision Majority Decision    

Enson Inoue beat Randy Couture
10/25/1998     Loss         Vale Tudo Japan 98     Submission Arm Bar     1:39 Round 1

Mark Kerr beat Enson Inoue
01/30/2000     Pride: Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round     Decision   

Kazuyuki Fujita beat Mark Kerr, shortest running linear champion (part of an evening)
05/01/2000     Pride: Grand Prix 2000 Final Round     Decision Unanimous Decision    

Mark Coleman beat Kazuyuki Fujita by forfeit, becoming the only two-time linear champion
05/01/2000     Pride: Grand Prix 2000 Final Round     TKO/RSC Corner Threw in the Towel due to a Knee Injury

Antonio Nogueira beat Mark Coleman, enjoys second longest run as linear champion
09/24/2001     Pride 16: Beasts From The East     Submission Arm Bar   6:10 of Round 1

Fedor Emelianenko beat Antonio Nogueira, longest running linear champion
12/31/2004     Pride: Shock Wave 2004     Decision Unanimous Decision    

Fabricio Werdum beat Fedor Emelianenko
06/26/2010     Strikeforce: Insider     Submission Arm Triangle Choke     1:09 Round 1

The Strikeforce title is not on the line in the upcoming heavyweight tournament, but is the linear title?

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