Martin Kampmann officially retires from MMA

Martin Kampmann officially retires from MMA

“I had a lot of good fights,” Martin Kampmann said. “Some of the good fights that the fans tell me they enjoyed the most are the fights where I’ve been in really bad trouble and came back.”

Bedtime is early for Martin Kampmann these days, a perk of being newly retired, as well as the cost of having three children who are four-years-old and under. But lack of sleep aside, life is good for the 33-year-old “Hitman,” who officially retired from active MMA competition this week as he settles in with his wife and children in his native Denmark.

“I’ve known for a while,” the longtime middleweight and welterweight contender said of retirement. “I just haven’t really made it official. I’m not sure why.”

“I’m sure I’ll still be involved in MMA,” he said. “It will probably be more from a hobby perspective, whereas before, I was doing full-time fighting and full-time coaching. But I still have gyms that I work with and that I help. I coach, I do seminars, and I work a lot with my affiliate gyms and make sure that they’re getting better in their MMA development. So I’ll be involved in MMA, but now I’m really busy with other things.”

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