McKenzie: I never made money, so I quit

Today former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie announced his 'retirement' from the sport of MMA. MacKenzie fought in the UFC eight times and held a 4-4 record:


MacKenzie, who also appeared on the Ultimate Fighter Season 12, fought twice since leaving the UFC, winning once and losing once. Earlier this week McKenzie also appeared in an interview with GroundNPound with harsh words for his former employer:

I fought for the UFC for five years or whatever and fought a bunch of times for free for them and all this other bulls–t. The UFC’s a joke, they rip guys off and they treat them like s–t. I mean they have a few guys that they treat good, but I wasn’t one of them. …I hope the lawsuit goes through, and I hope they get sued for millions. F–k the UFC.

transcribed by B/R…