Meltzer: UFC 130 got a solid 300k buyrate

Current estimates for UFC 130 based on both trending patterns as well as actual cable reports look to be in the 300,000 to 325,000 range (trending numbers would indicate the lower number, limited cable numbers indicate the higher number).

Given the card lost its main event, I would consider those numbers as a good sign. That number would have beaten out both UFC 125 (Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard) and 127 (Jon Fitch vs. B.J. Penn) slightly, which both did in the 270,000 range. It should have beaten 127 given that you still had Quinton Jackson and Frank Mir on this show and there is going to be a lot more pub on a holiday show in Las Vegas compared to a random Saturday night show from Australia.

The strongest markets for UFC 130 look to have been Las Vegas, Calgary, Toronto, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal (interesting to note that market doing well for a non GSP fight),Honolulu, Sacramento, San Diego and Orlando.

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