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WATCH: MMA Fighter plays Batman, swoops in, and takes down thief

Two thieves get the SHOCK of a lifetime after trying to rob a Circle K convenience store...
mma fighter, batman

Credit: YouTube

MMA fighters have similar skills to many famous street-level comic book vigilantes, and in 2016 one fighter did his best Batman impersonation.

A wanna-be tough guy got the shock of a lifetime after trying to rob a Circle K convenience store in Albuquerque, NM. That's because he found out the hard way that MMA fighter and Bellator veteran Saul Elizondo was also in the building.

Elizondo told local news that he knew something was up when he first stepped foot in the store.

MMA Fighter does his best Batman in defusing a dangerous situation

"Honestly, it just happened so quickly. It was crazy,” said Elizondo to KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque. “I kinda just reacted, some of my friends are saying I’m a hero but I really don’t think I was a hero at all. I consider myself a martial artist and I know that any other of my martial artist colleagues would’ve done the same thing."

Elizondo’s martial arts training kicked in almost immediately after a scuffle broke out, as captured by store surveillance. In the video, the now-retired fighter is seen quickly interjecting in what looked like an escalating altercation with store staff. Taking the offender outside, and keeping him out there.

“As soon as he brought his hand back I just like, rushed the guy. I caught him from behind and I kinda like, took him down and I took his back and kinda controlled the situation before he would hurt the people who work there," he said.

A member of the famed Jackson-Wink Academy, Elizondo is a consistent visitor to the stores since it is just minutes away from the gym. While he could have seriously injured the shoplifters in question, the bantamweight fighter chose not to do so, opting instead to subdue one of the criminals. No doubt, an easy task for an athlete of Elizondo’s caliber.

“It felt weird training with all these monsters here and grabbing this guy here felt like grabbing a little child, like I was playing with a little kid,” Elizondo recounted.

The 36-year-old Elizondo went 6-8 over a seven years stint in the MMA game. His most notable moment was a 2016 loss to eventual Combate Americas champion and UFC fighter Gustavo Lopez.