Sunday, October 09, 2016

Gegard Mousasi generally exudes calm and dignity, even amusement, but at the UFC 204 post-fight press conference, he spit fire. The Dreamcatcher was coming off a KO win over Vitor Belfort, and called for a title shot.

“I feel I have the best standup in the middleweight division,” he said, as transcribed by Steven Marrocco and Mike Bohn for MMAjunkie. “I think I’ve been dominating since USADA came.”

Gegard was referring to the end of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in MMA and the advent of US Anti-Doping Agency testing in the UFC. His opponent, Vitor Belfort, made well-documented legal and illegal use of performance enhancing drugs. More than time, lighting, and the new weigh ins is going on in this series of images:

Vitor Belfort

Mousasi is now on a three-fight win streak. His last loss was to Urijah hall over a year ago. And he won the two before that too, including a 70 second KO of Dan Henderson early last year.

“Uriah Hall was a fluke,” said Mousasi. “Anyone who knows anything about this sport knows it was a fluke. I hope to get that rematch one day. I’m top five.”

The UFC top 10 has not been changed to reflect Saturday’s fight, but expect a big jump up for Mousasi.

Champion : Michael Bisping
1 Luke Rockhold
2 Chris Weidman
3 Jacare Souza
4 Yoel Romero
5 Vitor Belfort
6 Anderson Silva
7 Robert Whittaker
8 Derek Brunson
9 Gegard Mousasi

“If I fight Derek Brunson, Robert Whittaker, Vitor Belfort, I’m the favorite. So you tell me? Is it a popularity contest? We can do a catwalk. I don’t know … f***,” he said with a grin.

“Maybe I’ll throw some bottles at someone’s head and people will notice me. I’ll fight Michael Bisping. With his performance tonight? I like Michael Bisping. But you guys know I can beat Michael Bisping. I will jab his face the whole night. Easy.”

It was believed that Mousasi had a fight lined up with Bisping earlier this year, but that went to Anderson Silva. Then it was believed Mousasi had a fight lined with UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier when Jon Jones had a drug test flagged. That went to Anderson Silva too.

“It was me or Anderson at that moment – there weren’t any other guys to choose from,” said Mousasi. “Anderson had just come from an operation, laying on his couch. They woke him up, gave him some medical tests, and they gave him the title shot. He wasn’t able to go five rounds, so he chose three rounds, and he was just happy holding on for three rounds to survive. At that time, I also deserved to fight for the belt, if it was (between) me and Anderson. So I don’t know. My time will come. My time will come.”

Mousasi concedes that times come fast for those who trash talk, but he doesn’t like it.

“McGregor is good for the sport, but what is it?” said Mousasi. “You had Muhammad Ali. He was a hero. He did big things. But now you have Mayweather and McGregor. Everybody loves it. That sells. People are stupid. They don’t know who’s a real fighter. They just like to see expensive stuff on Instagram, probably. I don’t know.”

“Circumstances play a big factor. I think in my last six performances I’ve been dominating everybody. It was a little bit rough in the beginning, coming off an injury and being an idiot and taking a fight against Gustafsson. I tore my ACL. My knee was popping out. I took that fight. I had surgery, and I came back and fought Machida, who cheated, who was greased up, and good for him, he’s suspended.

“It’s stupidity. Now, I’m a little bit smarter. I’m not going to take any fight that’s not going to make sense for me. But I can fight anybody. I’m in my prime now.”

“They could give me an easy fight, like Uriah Hall. Or I get a tough fight, one of the four [contenders].”

Shortly afterwards he cut to the chase on his social network.

“I beat Hendo in less than two minutes and Bisping went 5 rounds with him,” Mousasi tweeted. “F*** it, let’s just go for gold! Dana White give me the champ!”