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Top 10 mustaches in MMA

The MMA UnderGrounds picks for the 10 greatest mustaches in MMA history.

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Movember (known formerly as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year, that raises awareness and funds for men's health. The mission? To change the face of men's health, one mustache at a time!

Some figures in MMA don't need to change a thing for Movember, as they are already there.

And once they are already there, it SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED. Staring at the image below could feasibly cause the Earth to spin off axis.


With that said, this is the top 10.

10. BJ Penn


9. Sexyama

Sexyama's manager arrested for allegedly stealing $140k from the fighter

8. Tito Ortiz


7. Cody McKenzie

Cody McKenzie: If I lose I should be cut

6. Ian McCall

Ian McCall

5. Tom Lawlor (as Dan Severn)


4. Dan Severn

Dan Severn's mustache best in MMA?

3. Chuck Liddell


2. Mike Beltran

Mike Beltran

1. Don Frye

Don Frye on PEDS

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