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Dojo Storm: Guy walks into a Muay Thai gym, and ... SEE attitude adjustment

Man develops newborn-giraffe legs after walking into Muay Thai gym and challenging coach.
Muay Thai instructor, muay thai

Credit: YouTube

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Lesson to the youth of the world on your journey to adulthood: Don't be the guy that challenges a Muay Thai instructor and thinks you can actually be competitive when you have zero fight skills.

We have all seen the videos where someone thinking they are a real-world tough guy makes the absurdly poor choice of trying to prove that against a legitimate tough guy. And we love them and they never get old. Here is a new addition to that tried and true tradition of viewing stupidity at its finest.

Muay Thai instructor kicks stupidity out a guy

In a video posted to YouTube in 2017, the footage shows two men kickboxing at a Muay Thai gym. One has on headgear and the other doesn't, which is already a bad sign. In the video titled, "Guy walks into Muay Thai Gym and challenges the instructor," one can only surmise said "guy" is the one in the headgear, with the purpose of protecting his cranium from the violence that will be inflicted on it.

Ding-ding. As the opening moments play out, this citizen goes berzerker in the hope of overwhelming the instructor. And at first, it is enough to make his opponent turtle up and go for a clinch. In the background, you hear some laughing, which becomes foreshadowing to let you know the skilled martial artist here is just playing with his food.

Once separated, the Muay Thai practitioner unleashes a two-piece-and-head kick combo that floors the "guy." The man tries to stand up on newborn-giraffe legs and gets another head kick for daring to do so. After the second kick, he becomes resigned to staying down and giving a body language version of "no mas" and the quick sparring session is over.

It offers the entertainment of a well-earned beatdown, but also the lesson that if you start a sparring session with minimal skills and your partner does not need headgear when you do, you're in trouble.

Some great Muay Thai specialists that have competed in MMA include superstar talents like Donald Cerrone, Alistair Overeem, and Israel Adesanya.

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