NJ AC to use EyeGuide Focus to track head trauma

Commissioner Larry Hazzard announced today that, consistent with its
long-standing tradition of testing medical devices that may benefit the health and safety of combat sports competitors, the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB), will soon begin using a new technology known as EyeGuide Focus.

The SACB’s tradition of testing medical devices that can help prevent serious injury to combat sports competitors began several years ago, when the agency tested field devices for the Department of the Navy designed for use by our troops subsequent to IED blasts.

In the past few years, much more research and information has been released with regard to both short-term and long-term health concerns for contact sport athletes.

“The main focus of the NJSACB has been and always will be the health and safety of the combat sports contestant. Obviously then, the health of the brain of the contestant is of paramount importance,” said Hazzard. “We are looking forward to the use and the potential health benefits which the EyeGuideFocus device may have for all combat sports contestants.”

EyeGuide Focus objectively tracks head injury indicators in ten seconds by methods that cannot be manipulated.

In addition to required pre-licensing and pre-fight neurological examinations, along with post bout medical requirements, the agency is hopeful that testing this device may benefit the neurological well-being of the contestant.

“Medical research has shown that subtle changes in eye movements can indicate concussive brain injury with surprising accuracy,” explained Dr. Michael Kelly, a veteran ringside physician with the NJSACB and a lifelong martial artist. “Numerous studies across the country are using eye tracking devices to quickly assess concussive brain injuries in sports.”


At no cost to the contestants or promoters, EyeGuideFocus will be utilized on February 18th at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, as well as on May 20th at the Top Rank WBC/WBO Junior Welterweight Championship at the Prudential Center in Newark.