Nurmagomedov livid over McGregor vs. Alvarez

Mixed martial arts is a tough gig – usually, when one person wins, someone else loses. UFC president Dana White announced Monday night that featherweight champion Conor McGregor would challenge lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez for his title at UFC 205. The UFC’s return to New York after 21 years is now amazing, with three title fights.

But there was a loser.

The #1 lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov had been given two contracts to fight Alvarez, for UFC 205 and one for UFC 206. He signed them both. Nurmagomedov also characterized an Alvarez vs. McGregor fight as #1 bulls***.

Nurmagomedov expressed his frustration via his social network.

“When I signed agreement with UFC it was sport,” he wrote on Instagram. “Now it became a freak show, or I don’t know how to call it right. Only thing that keeping me in this cracking sport, is that I don’t want to stop on the halfway, I wasn’t raised like this, not a quitter. I’ll keep moving forward InshaAllah.”

The most popular man on the UG, touch, noticed that Nurmagomedov fans were as incensed as their hero, and let it be known. When White made an innocuous, unrelated post on Instagram, the result was both colorful and scathing.

Warning: much of the language below contains curse words. Sometimes most of it.

defend_454Fuch you Dana
rsnr21 Bald bitch
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dsk_as u sad in ur fucking twitter that Khabib gonna fight this pussy Alvarez , and how the fuck McGregor is contender for the lightweight ?!! Real man say real man do , therfore u r not man. Khabib is who was waiting for this so long , but u sold ur bald had one more time. But no matter what u say and do , this belt will come to Kavkaz InShaAllah
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lingvo88 Now it’s officially Ultimate Faggot Championship.
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_abdullaev_tn_ Dana , shame on you, you corrupt manager … I was a better opinion of you. how much you are going to deceive people? be a man, and give the title to someone who deserves it!#Khabibtime #Aldotime
arkadiy_bjj Dana, yesterday was the day of birth control. Well, congratulations, you condom! #khabibtime

You have to give it to Khabib’s fans for colorful putdowns. Hopefully “you venal creature” becomes a thing.

The other man who lost our, Jose Aldo, offered a less forceful response.

“It is what it is, but make no mistake I WILL see you again,” he wrote in a Twitter post that he then deleted. “Regardless of weight class or belt.”