Palhares called bi-polar, dirty, slap happy at ADCC

Palhares called bi-polar

Rousimar Palhares has demonstrated a rocky relationship with the rules in MMA for pretty much his entire MMA career. Now the oddball behavior has spilled over into the 2011 ADCC World Submission Wrestling World Championship this weekend in Nottinghan, England.

Palahares missed weight and was removed from the event, but was given a second chance and finally made weight. He made it through the first round, and in the second ran into David Avellan, and applied a heel hook but went out of bounds. Astonishingly, he kept cranking, things were broken up, things got hearted, and finally he won via knee bar.

David’s brother Marcos explains on the UG:

From: Marcos Avellan

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Just so you know, what happened with the heel hook and the reason my brother was upset was because Palhares pulled a similar stunt like he did in the UFC.

He threw the heel hook and my brother was rolling and went out of bounds.  The referee yelled “STOP” and told them to both stop.  Palhares stopped for a brief moment – and my brother then stopped as well… then all of a sudden Palhares started cranking on it again, despite the referee continuing to say stop afterwards, with my brother yelling, and popped his leg three or four times.

It was a weird situation right after… Palharas started to celebrate, thinking the match was over, and came over to hug my brother, but as he hugged my brother, he slapped him across the head really hard.  So one arm went out for a hug, the other went for a slap on the head (lol).  My brother was naturally pissed by the heel hook and the slap.

Palharas seemed genuinely confused, both about his cranking after the ref said stop and by the rejection of his post fight “hug”.  I think he was sincerely genuine, I just think he is crazy, like bi-polar or something.

It really started with the initial hand shake!  My brother, before the match, went to shake his hand, and Palharas shook his hand and then shoulder checked him hard as hell… then when the match started, he gave him a gentle and friendly fist bump… like one second he is trying to assault you and the next second he is being humble and gracious.

So after he popped my brother’s leg with the leg lock after the ref said stop, they decided to re-start them in the center of the ring with a super tight and perfect Palharas heel hook… so of course he finished David, popping his leg a few more times.  Getting caught in a rolling situation with him is bad enough – but being put into a static position with him getting his best heel hook is pretty much suicide 🙂  He has a ridiculously tight heel hook.

Because of what I mentioned earlier, when Palharas was on his knees bowing in apology, my brother did not accept the apology.  Now that he is calmer about it, he has no problems with him, he agrees with me that he was genuine, but is just unbalanced mentally.

David is fine, he got his leg checked up and based on the preliminary check-up, they pulled his leg around, etc. and think he will be fine, no surgery.  We are getting an MRI on Monday.

But he should be fine.  Palharas is definitely a beast – no doubt about it.  And his leglocks are amongst the best we’ve seen, especially at that weight.  When I get a better internet connection, I’ll post a video interview that my brother gave about it, his description of his matches and of the event is more interesting than mine.

By the way, there was no controversy with the ref about stopping the heel hook, the ref knew he stopped the match because they were out of bounds and didn’t think my brother tapped, the controversy on the mat was that my brother was angry about the extra three or four seconds of crank after the ref said “stop”.   And to those saying my brother tapped with the first heel hook, yes, he most certainly did after the ref said “stop” and Palhares continued cranking, popping his leg.  It’s funny how some people are saying my brother was a “dick” without even knowing what really went down.  God bless the interwebs 🙂  In my brother’s over 16 years of competing, that was the first time he has ever “shoved” someone or shown any anger towards an opponent.  And he wouldn’t had shoved Palharas either if he didn’t get clubbed in the head right after, lol 🙂

But to those concerned, he’ll be alright 🙂  I don’t know how, because I heard the pops from where I was sitting, but his leg seems to be ok.  It passed all the preliminary tests for severe ligament damage, has no coloration (usual sympton for complete tears), and has stabilty on his step.  Xray looks good, MRI on Monday, and doctor is very optismistic he won’t need surgery.

But more importantly, my brother proposed to his girlfriend an hour ago and she said yes 🙂  He didn’t get the ADCC gold this year but he went home with a trophy regardless 🙂

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The next day in an ultimately losing effort vs. Andre Galvao in the men’s -88kg finals, things got weird again.

Palhares stalking Galvao, Galvao complaining he’s getting slapped around by the treestump. Galvao on his back Palhares leg hunting and he has a leg trying to attack. Galvao slips out but Palhares on it again like a dog on a bone. Out of bounds but it’s not been called yet. Palhares really trying to ‘bite’ down Slight stall and they’re being dragged to the center while entangled.

Reset with Galvao still on the back with one hook in. Galvao gets both hooks in but then it appears Palhares pulled his thumb back to break a grip and that’s illegal. Referee pauses the match to hear Galvao’s complaint and warns Palhares. They resume position and Galvao complains again about Palhares while Palhares says he’s not eoing anything wrong.

They get back to their feet and it appears they’re in the scoring zone now. Actually against were scored earlier and it’s currently 9-2 Galvao. Palhares is now being warned for clubbing Galvao in the clinch but unsure if he’s lost a point. Palhares is either a dirty fighter, or he’s just Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

Palhares tries for a takedown and go to out of bounds where they slide around on the ice (the arena is an ice hockey rink with BJJ mats on it.)

Palhares may be gassing now but it goes to the scorecards and Galvao wins on points. Andre Galvao def Rousimar Palhares on points. Galvao says its great to get his first gold medal at ADCC. Says he thinks Palhares has been fighting MMA too much, getting slapped hard that makes him dizzy.

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