Paulo Filho hospitalized for substance abuse

A recent piece on Portal Do Vale Tudo profiles former WEC champion Paulo Filho’s continuing struggles with substance abuse. Paulo ingested a great deal of the drug Rohypnol; when he got to the hospital, the doctor couldn’t believe he was still alive, given the quantity he took. He has since been hospitalized.

It looks like his November bout against Khalidov might be scrapped.

The article also alludes to the fact that it was an addiction Paulo has had for over 10 years, even before his time in Pride. Further comments allude to those around him not having his best intentions at heart.

Rough translation of article:

After the interview the PVT Paulo Filho on Monday, said Rodrigo Strike is forced to defend those he considers falsehoods about him. Strike, which was responsible for taking him for Fields, said he was obliged to come forward to clarify what happened with Filho and Campos, among other things, said the dosage was roupinol consumed 60 tablets – with a half person can become addicted.

“There’s no more hiding. Paulão urgently needs to be hospitalized, “he said.

The PVT published below and in full, the open letter sent by Bob Strike:

“I’m not even arguing this, but I can not stand still while Filho, or someone on his behalf, handles slander against me. For all that I have with Paulão position to say that he is not, nor is one day without taking Roupinol and Potenai. Just someone to go to him and see the marks of explicit two needles in their arms. Paulão need an urgent hospitalization, otherwise it will die.

I did everything possible to free him from this addiction, but could not. His mother knows that I speak the truth, and all close friends. I am sad because the disease causes him to turn against those who try to help him. It is important to clarify that I never spoke to the Filho R $ 20 thousand in fields, but that his mother gave me that he should close values ??in Niteroi and the group that helped him so far would come together to help you pay.

He says he has received nothing from me, but bought $ 10 thousand in dogs and more than $ 8,000 in roosters in fields … Everything was paid to Filho and he bought his problem is. Never leave me nor real. I’ve spent a lot from him. He said he had a monthly allowance. Where do you think was? From the sky? All expenses come out directly and indiretamentede me.

Campos Filho came in with a change of clothes, taking 60 tablets a day and 4 roupinol glasses potenai together. I wish I had filmed the reaction of the doctor who first took him when he spoke to intake. It’s a miracle nothing yet has happened. Filho refused to take any alternative medicines to replace potenai. I did everything I gave him to eat, medical care, pisiquiátrica, put him in the house of my family and was treated like a child for everyone. I was hiding for days for him not to take drugs in an attempt to reduce the dosage.

I slept on the floor beside him, with the light on because he does not sleep in the dark. I slept not, I dozed off, because he does not sleep. I spent the nights in Ritimo and I believe no one has ever done the same. I consider him a brother, do not know why I did it to me. He knows he has received, I can prove it. What was deducted from his bag and not passed on were the passages and bonus purse. This was not done by me but by the event.

I do not want to receive, but is it me who is, and is more than money, owes me a living. That I can not collect because he can not afford, because I think life is paid with gratitude and not with money. He is being ungrateful, saying the same thing, which is clean, which no one pays all that help or should have helped … This is the same story for over 10 years.

Two weeks ago he played the greatest emotional terror in me and had to buy 4 boxes roupinol. I have people who are witnesses of all bills paid and I gave him money, and are the people who helped me in partnership, reputable and sober people like me. I say again: If a hospital does not accept your life will end a tragic and unfortunate. “

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