Renzo Gracie arrested in brawl; bouncer has broken arm

Renzo Gracie arrested in brawl; bouncer has broken arm

Today a report surfaced that famed fighter and jiu-jitsu champion Renzo Gracie and his cousin Igor Gracie had been involved in a bar room brawl in New York City: confirmed with the New York Police Department’s 10th Precinct that Gracie was arrested on Sunday. Specific details regarding Gracie’s arrest and potential charges were unavailable at the time of this writing because the 47-year-old was going through the legal process, according to a representative from the NYPD.

Gracie then became involved in a confrontation with what the witness described as the doorman. Things escalated from there, as Gracie’s group allegedly squared off with a group of 1-Oak bouncers. According to the witness, Gracie at one point had the doorman in full mount, while another one of his group hit a different bouncer with a construction cone.

The fracas spilled into the street, with more punches being thrown. Eventually the police arrived and arrested everyone in Gracie’s party, while an ambulance came for the bouncer who had been mounted by Gracie, according to the witness. It was unclear as to why Gracie and his group were originally upset.

read entire article… was also able to obtain this footage of the incident:

It is unsure at this time what caused or escalated the incident, but according another report, one of the bouncers was treated for a broken arm.