Renzo Gracie: The world is in good hands

If you follow one figure in mixed martial arts on Twitter, make it Renzo. Who else after all is going to live tweet through a mugging? And who else is going to see the beauty everywhere.

Renzo_Gracie_BJJ @RenzoGracieBJJ
I seat to grab a beer… Newark Airport, two beautiful ladies seat next to me. They just got married in Jersey, their happiness can be seen from 100 miles away. My plane is late, we talk for hours. They are from Sonoma, the wine capital of the USA, near San Francisco, the first place I came to in the US. They show me their wedding pictures, tell me their life history, 23 years in the making. I ask about their family, what they think, how they see it. Every answer is positive, and great, they accept.

Time for my plane to leave. I got to go. I give them a copy of The Gracies and the Birth of Vale Tudo. And tell them what I do.

They give me a tight hug. In a way that they would only hug those who back them up. Tears fill my eyes. I wish them an amazing life. And an unforgettable love story, one forged with amazing memories – the most valuable asset a human can have on his life time.

As I walk to my gate my eyes glance to another amazing scene… A woman talking to her friend through an iPhone's FaceTime. She is talking through a sign language. With her hands. She is deaf. My heart fills with the noble feeling that if I die tomorrow the world is in great hands. In a much better hands than mine.

Stipe Miocic @smiocic
I sit here making stupid jokes and then read through @RenzoGracieBJJ time line and realize I need to do better.

What a wonderful story! 🙂

Renzo_Gracie_BJJ @RenzoGracieBJJ
normally, those are always around us.. We choose not to see it 😉 I see it all