Report: Jones test failure due to erectile dysfunction drug

Friday, August 19, 2016

When the greatest fighter in UFC history, Anderson Silva, failed a performance enhancing drug test, he attributed it in part to a sexual aid. He said it was a form of Cialis or Viagra, available only on Thailand, a clear liquid, in a blue vial, that he got from a friend.

Silva said he did not disclose the liquid on his pre fight questionnaire out of embarrassment.

This is the head S&C coach at Silva’s camp. He’s 57.

S&C coach

No one believed Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva

However, UFC interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently failed a PED test, and middleweight champion Michael Bisping said during a recent podcast that it appears Jones’ failure legitimately was due to Cialis. It is not clear how Bisping learned the information, but both Jones and league president Dana White recently said that the failure appeared not be of a nature that would lead to a long suspension. This would be that.

The revelation came on the latest The Countdown with Michael Bisping podcast.

“It turns out Jon Jones didn’t take the estrogen blockers or whatever it was and, therefore, he may be coming back sooner rather than later,” said Bisping, as transcribed by Thomas Myers for MMA Mania. “I hear that the supplement in question — and it’s not even a supplement — was a sex aid, Cialis, but it was a generic version — it wasn’t the brand name. It apparently has estrogen blockers in it. That’s what he took and he’s maybe just looking at a little slap on the wrist.”

Jones missed out on a eight-figure payday when he failed the test shortly before UFC 200. The title unification fight with division champion Jon Jones was a huge loss for what was to have been the biggest PPV in league history.

Things appear to be looking up for all. Jones had been looking at a two year suspension. In cases where a fighter can demonstrate that the test failure was due to a tainted supplement, a six month suspension has generally been meted out.

When Chinese UFC bantamweight Ning Guangyou tested positive for clenbuterol, it was determined that the minute amounts he tested positive for were consistent with contaminated meat in the food supply, meaning he ingested the prohibited substance without fault. He received no suspension.

If Jones disclosed use of the medication on his medical form, he could be looking at no suspension at all. If he did not, six months seems more likely. But the two year banishment appears likely to be off the table.

So the takeaway? Don’t take generics.