Wednesday, September 07, 2016

It’s good to be the champion.

And it’s bad when you lose the title.

Reebok money for the champion is $40,000. If you lose the title, next fight could be as low as $2,500. As champion, T.J. Dillashaw made a disclosed income of $70,000 to show and another $70,000 to win, plus a cut of the PPV. His next fight was for a disclosed 25/25, plus $10,000 in Reebok money.

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold made $250,000, plus $40,000 in Reebok money, plus perhaps $1 for  each of the estimated 380,000 UFC 199 pay per view buys over 200,000. And Rockhold lost to Michael Bisping.

The offer for his next fight is apparently radically less.

“Look, a lot of people are asking ‘when are you going to fight?’” said Rockhold on Snapchat. “I might have a bout agreement in the mail, but the money is bullshit. When the money is right, I’ll be ready to fight.”

Plus, Rockhold has looks such that MMA personality Joe Rogan famously quipped, “The only reason anybody got laid, anywhere, is because Luke Rockhold wasn’t there at the time.”

Rockhold has offers on the table to model. During a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, the fighter said he has options, and won’t fight unless he is better compensated.

“I’m a fighter at heart, but I’m here to get paid,” said Rockhold, as transcribed by Anton Tabuena for BE. “So if there’s more potential [in modeling], I’ll take it. And we’re talking big numbers, so I could laugh and let my body heal and wait for the time’s right to come back and fight when it makes sense.”

“I’m not going to just go out there and put my body on the line when I can get paid that much more in this world.”

“I have a good relationship with the UFC for sure,” noted Rockhold. “It’s business. They’re going to make things to their advantage, try to take advantage of certain things and put you in a place and do what they can. That’s business, that’s how it is. And guess what, I’ve got my own business on the side and I can stand my ground too. I can take some time off.”