Ross Pearson out with knee surgery

TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson today revealed that he had failed a post-fight MRI scan after losing to Cole Miller at UFC Fight Night 22 earlier in the month. Pearson says the injury was sustained in the first round of the fight with Cole Miller at UFC Fight Night 22.

“I think it tore when he pulled guard on me. After that I was really heavy-footed and I lost my movement,” he told Fighters Only today. “I am not using that as an excuse though, Cole Miller beat me fair and square. I didn’t want to mention it at all but now I am having an operation I suppose it would come out sooner or later.”

Wwith recovery and training camp time factored in, he is not likely to fight until spring 2011.

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 results are not good! Booked in for operation in 2weeks, don’t know how long I will be out for!! Gutted     via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

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