Sean Gannon resurfaces at Alex Garcia training camp in Thailand

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Sean Gannon Resurfaces at Alex Garcia Training Camp in Phuket for UFC Fight Night, has hard words for Dagestani opponent

Editors note – due to the media blackout we are not allowed to directly communicate with Sean Gannon, but we get occasional updates from mutual friends. This time that friend is an anonymous fighter and involves their personal correspondence.

AF – So you finally made it out to Thailand…

Sean Gannon – Yeah, I had accomplished everything I could with my investigation in America, so I decided to finally visit Thailand. (Editors Note – it is the dream of many young martial artists to someday do an extended training trip at one of the many great martial arts training camps Thailand is famous for…but for most this will always remain a dream.)

SG – The circumstances weren’t quite the way I had originally planned…for many reasons. And on top of everything else, I was coming into camp off multiple minor injuries and illnesses with a middle-aged spare tire hanging from my midsection.

You know how it is, when you’re a UFC Vet, you’ve got a target on your back the rest of your life, but there is no way I could go to Thailand and not train. So I dyed my hair a different shade, put in colored contact lenses, and went to a local gym that didn’t require names with their day passes. They were a hybrid MMA/Muay Thai gym, and I signed up for the MMA class first. My cardio was terrible and it was hotter than a snake’s ass, but I still I managed to submit (or at least lay on top of people in side control) against everyone the coach put me against. I was in shit shape, but it was a moral victory and I was rather pleased with myself…until I got home. The gym had me up on their social media….as the “Before” picture of the notorious “Before and After” sequence. They had pics of me (from the fattest angles possible) showing me gasping for air after rolling, apparently only being held up by me desperately holding onto the top string of the double end bag. Then they showed videos of all the young fit guys rolling. “You too could stop being a fat shit if only you did jiujitsu!” I had a laugh and used it to motivate myself.

Eventually, I had to come clean when Alex “The Dominican Nightmare” showed up for the Thai end of his training camp. He was fighting Muslim Salikhov, possibly the greatest San Da (Chinese kickboxing) fighter of all time. I explained to the coach that I was a UFC Vet based out of a San Da school (Redline) as well as a wrestler/Judo champ, and I probably had the best clinch for simulating Salikhov’s style as anyone on the island. Salikhov is the most ridiculous ape strong dude I’ve ever seen at that weight class, so using a heavyweight to simulate that kind of power seemed like a good idea, and Garcia is an absolute animal that is ready for anybody. The first thing he did when he found out the huge guy in front of him was a UFC Vet was break into a huge grin, jump on me, and immediately start wrestling with me. No fear of anything, and he looked sharp and hungry with everyone in the gym. If he gets the takedown, he’s winning this fight. And here is a highlight video of Salikhov so you can see the kind of strength I’m talking about.

AF – Holy S***! Where is he from?

SG – He’s from Dagestan. It’s the area people from Chechnya say “What a shit hole that place is!” It’s part of Russia now, but two countries once fought a bitter war to avoid taking possession of it.

AF – You don’t seem too fond of Dagestan.

SG – The last Dagestan fighter I knew murdered three of my teammates, and left drugs and money covering the bodies. They were tortured horribly and two of them had their dicks cut off. Then he killed a bunch of innocent people (including a child and two of my fellow officers). He allegedly killed my teammates because his boss thought they were rats. The funny part is that the Dagestani fighter (Tamerlane Tsarnaev) was likely the rat his boss was worried about. They had him on a minor charge, and were holding up his citizenship and wouldn’t let him box in the Olympics or Nationals unless he cooperated. He was also probably the worst wrestler in the history of Chechnya, he would drop like a piece of shit every time you got your hands on him, a complete disgrace to the Chechen race (and I say this even before getting to the part about him selling out his fellow Muslims for a chance at personal glory).

When I got the opportunity to help out against the Dagestani camp, things just felt right. The Tristar guys were total professionals and it was a joy just to watch them work. Garcia was a complete class act, near the end of the training, he took the time to bow, hang out with and be genuinely cool with every guy still hanging around hitting the bag. Outside the gym, he gave an inspirational speech about dedication and training and then drove off shirtless on his motorcycle. Local news reports indicate at least a dozen women nearby became spontaneously pregnant after watching this. I offered to show the Tristar coaches around the hot spots in Phuket, stopped off at my hotel, and then passed out like the old man that I am, but it was awesome just meeting those guys.

UFC veteran Sean "The Cannon" Gannon the only man to defeat Kimbo Slice in Bareknuckle fighting joins the afternoon…

Posted by Maximum Fitness Phuket on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The final pic of the series, is the gym posting me as teaching their MMA class on 11/22/2017 (which was a real honor from some cool, quality guys at a great program….thanks Professor Wictor Svennson and all the guys from Maximum MMA and Fitness!). If things don’t work out with my other job, a lifetime of doing martial arts on a resort island tropical paradise doesn’t sound so bad.

Editor’s Note: As predicted by Gannon, Alex Garcia did indeed get the takedown, and won by submission (RNC) in the second round.

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“The only other point I want to make is that I have zero interest in anyone that did any kind of business between Boston and Montreal and likes to ride motorcycles,” added Gannon. “I’m only interested in the people that killed my teammates and fellow officers.”