Search for UK’s Hardest Man has some unlikely candidates

Search for UK's Hardest Man has some unlikely candidates

An MMA league has formed in the UK, self-described as “A brutal combat tournament aiming to find the most fearsome fighter that the UK has to offer.”

The event is a single-elimination tournament held over a period of some weeks, with modified MMA rules:
•No weight division.
•Contest is held on a 12×12 mat, with no ring or cage enclosure.
•1st round is ten minutes duration.
•There is a one minute time limit on the ground.
•Standing guillotines are prohibited.
•6 oz amateur MMA gloves are worn.
•Winner of the tournament gets £3000 (aprox US $4,500)

The bouts will be held at Southampton, England’s Exile Gym, a respected MMA facility. 

However, the field of contestants is notable not for the depth of experience possessed by the athletes, but rather by the fact that some have a near complete lack of any fighting skills what so ever. Video profiles of the contestants are below.

The tournament kicks off this weekend, with a pair that is not likely to make the finals – “Typhoon” Tyrone Cooper vs Sam Gale “Force”.

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