Shevchenko slams Montano for ‘total irresponsibility’

Monday, September 10, 2018

Former UFC flyweight champion Nicco Montano received an outpouring of sympathy after she was hospitalized during the weight cut for her first title defense, vs. Valentina Shevchenko, was withdrawn from the fight, and then learned on Instagram that he lost her title, too. However, ‘Bullett’ appeared recently on Luke Thomas’s The MMA Hour, and had zero sympathy.

”She had enough time to prepare for the fight,” argued Shevchenko, as transcribed by Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania. “Only she was the one, the one who was responsible for the weight cut was she. She knows her body, how it reacts. And she had to be able to make it earlier, to start her weight cut. Not come into fight week weighing 20 pounds over. It’s crazy. Even for the boys, they’re cutting much more than the girls, it’s crazy to come 20 pounds over for fight week.”

”You have to start your diet earlier, you be professional. You have to be responsible about what you have in your hands. But this is total irresponsibility. Totally unprofessional things from her. And now complaining about everything, making statements like everyone is at fault. She gets what she deserves, in fact.”

Shevchenko will now fight for the vacant title vs. TBA at TBA on TBA. One possibility is former strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk moving up to challenge at 125.

”Yes, why not?” said Shevchenko. “Because like my response every time, we have our [kickboxing] history with Joanna, and now we have an opportunity to make our history in MMA under UFC rules. So why not?

”For me, the sooner the better. I’m a fighter, my initial purpose is to fight. Of course, everything is important, to answer the media, to speak, everything we do before the fight. But what is our initial purpose? It’s to fight. And of course, I want to fight sooner. I’m ready to fight right now. I’m in shape, I’m still motivated, I didn’t lose nothing that I didn’t have a few days ago.”

”So this is what I know the UFC knows, maybe in a few days, hopefully, they’ll come back with some exact dates and some names. So I’ll just wait. I know they want to do it before the end of the year. But maybe, I dunno, November? For me, it would be good right tomorrow. But let’s wait to see what’s on their minds.”

”It doesn’t matter who, I’m ready for anyone. And I want to fight someone who wants to fight, who is able to complete and do everything professional. I would be very happy to have more professionals to face me because in this case, I won’t be worried about having this problem, having someone pull out at the last minute.”