The beard abides

UFC president Dana White thinks Roy Nelson’s beard is bad for business.

“Who would want that thing laying on their face? Seriously?” said White previously. “That long, nasty, ratty looking thing in your mouth, rubbing on your face? It’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t be allowed to have beards that big. If you want a beard, trim that thing down and make it look normal. It’s disgusting.”

Roy Nelson and his beard are fighting Daniel Cormier this Saturday live on PPV at UFC 166, and Daniel Cormier doesn’t like the beard, either.

“The thing about the beard is it doesn’t seem to be well-kept, so I’m going to request that there’s a rubber band in it and that it comes straight down,” said Cormier recently “Also, I’m going to ask that they put his hair in two plaits off to the side. Part it down the middle, plait it on the sides. I don’t want it all in my face.”

Nelson presumably likes the beard just fine.

“If a beard is an unfair advantage, surely Cormier should have had a beard when he failed in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics,” quipped Nelson in response.

Cormier took it the authorities, petitioning the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which will be regulating UFC 166, to do something about the beard. However, as reported on “UFC Tonight” the Texas commission responded that they don’t regulate facial hygiene.

So Saturday night, Roy Nelson is free to sport the beard proudly, and Daniel Cormier is free to punch it.

For his part, when asked how the planned to win, Nelson’s stated concern was Cormier hugging.

“There’s a couple different ways,” said Nelson. “I think the biggest thing is don’t let him hug me. Don’t let him push me up against the cage and just do a boring, ugly fight and piss the fans off. I think that’s the biggest thing you don’t want to do is piss the fans off because they are the ones that pay the bills.”

What do you think of the beard? And who do you think wins Saturday night?