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The List: The best moments from season 6 of Dana White's Contender Series

After another incredible season of action on Tuesday nights, see which moments and fighters we'll be talking about for quite some time.

Six seasons in, and Dana White's Contender Series continues to be a must-watch for fight fans.

The past 10 weeks of action provided the UFC roster with 43 new athletes and plenty of jaw-dropping moments.

Take a look at five of the best moments to happen in Season 6:

'Be Joe Pyfer'


A star was born on week 1 of season 6.

After a night of underwhelming results, Dana White couldn't have been happier with the performance of middleweight Joe Pyfer, who knocked out Ozzy Diaz in the second round of their main event bout. Pyfer showed urgency, emotion and, most importantly to White and the UFC, talent.

It was the perfect redemption story for Pyfer, who was defeated in his Dana White's Contender Series season 4 bout due to a freak arm injury. White exclaimed that fighters competing on the shoe who want to make it to the UFC need to "be Joe Pyfer," and just like that, a new catchphrase was born.

Pyfer followed up his incredible performance with a beautiful first-round knockout victory in his UFC debut on September 17 and has quickly become one of the most popular names in the sport.

Chris Duncan's incredible comeback


Dana White's "Be Joe Pyfer" speech had all the fighters on Week 2 fired up, prompting four fantastic finishes and a dominant performance in the week's only bout to go the distance.

It was the lightweight bout between Chris Duncan and Charlie Campbell that stood out, though. Duncan was on the edge of defeat when he landed a perfect right hand that put Campbell on the floor. He followed up with another punch that put a dramatic end to the bout.

It was a stunning comeback for Duncan, who was hurt very badly by Campbell right off the bat, and it very well could be one of the most shocking comebacks in series history.

Bo Nickal is the real deal


Wrestling phenom Bo Nickal made it clear that he was ready for the UFC by dominating season 6 of Dana White's Contender Series. In Week 3, the three-time All-American and former Dan Hodge Trophy winner submitted his opponent in 62 seconds. Then in Week 10, Nickal submitted Donovan Beard with a triangle choke in just 52 seconds.

White had seen enough, and believes that the hype around Nickal is completely justified. The UFC president didn't waste any time getting the budding star a fight, as Nickal is set to compete against Jamie Pickett at UFC 282 this December.

Bruna Brasil's stunning head kick KO


One of the reasons that White and fight fans around the world love the Contender Series is the amazing finishes that the show produces.

That's exactly what happened on week 8 when strawweight Bruna Brasil landed one of the cleanest head kick KOs you'll ever see. The second-round knockout pushed Brasil to 8-2-1 and was all that she needed to earn her spot in the UFC.

Age is just a number for Raul Rosas Jr.


Raul Rosas Jr. captured the attention of UFC fans on week 9, not just because of the fact that he's 17 years old, but because he's one hell of a fighter. The undefeated bantamweight showed a variety of skills, including dynamic striking and excellent grappling techniques in defeating Mando Gutierrez.

White was impressed with Rosas' instincts and natural ability so much that he offered him a UFC contract. It was also announced after week 10 that Rosas had earned a spot in the UFC 4 video game.

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