Tim Kennedy: Bisping is a dirty, eye poking, spitter

Tim Kennedy: Bisping is a dirty

TIm Kennedy and Michael Bisping got warmed up on Twitter.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Hey @bisping you should keep your one good eye on me and get the other one healthy. 😉

michael ‏@bisping
Don’t start acting hard because you ko’d some random Brazilian. News flash, NO ONE GIVES A S—. If u want it. April, let’s go.*

michael ‏@bisping
Well it’s simple. Call the UFC and say u wanna fight me in April. Put your money where your mouth is big shot.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Just remember you asked for this. I promise I won’t knee you while you are down, poke you in the eye or spit on you when it’s over.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
I don’t think I have earned a shot at any of the top guys. I think the @UFC should give me someone like @bisping

Then the pair took it to AXS TV’s Inside MMA, and turned up the rhetorical heat.

“Wednesday night Tim Kennedy knocked somebody out, and ever since then he’s been calling me out,” said Bisping as transcribed by MMAMania. “To be honest, he’s been calling me out for years now, and I’m a little bit tired of it. So, Tim if you want to fight you know where to find me. Call the UFC if you’re man enough and let’s get it on.

“I’ve been in the UFC for eight years. I’ve never turned down an opponent yet. When you were in basic training shining shoes, I was in the UFC kicking ass. So, if you think I’m intimidated by you, come on, get a grip. It’s a little bit silly.”

Decorated former US Army Ranger Tim Kennedy responded patriotically.

“Thank God we’ve had soldiers shining shoes since 1775 so we don’t have to sound like that guy, that’s horrific,” said Kennedy. “Additionally, he’s been in the UFC for eight years, I’ve been in the UFC for six months, and I’m in the same position that he is. It took him eight years to get to where I am, so maybe I’m going to hang back and be like ‘I don’t know who that guy is, go get a couple wins, and then come and talk to me Bisping.’

“He’s a dirty fighter. He eye pokes. He knees downed opponents. He spits on their corners. He complains about guys doing TRT, but truthfully, the things he does in the cage are even worse. I haven’t been calling him out, I’ve been pointing out that he’s a dirty fighter, and he takes offense to that.

“You can rest assured I called the UFC, and I was like I want to fight Bisping. I want to stomp him. I don’t care where it is. As long as he fights a clean fight, he has no chance.”

What do you think UG? Is Joe Silva going to make this fight when Bisping returns from surgery to repair a detached retina in April of next year And if he does make the fight, what do you think of it?