Twitter reacts to Barao vs. Faber stoppage

Twitter reacts to Barao vs. Faber stoppage

UFC 169, which broke a UFC record for decisions with 10, was unfortunately capped with a controversial stoppage. Referee Herb Dean stopped the contest after a shelled up Faber took over a dozen unanswered shots to a covered head, without moving. However, Faber has his thumb up throughout, but at an angle difficult for Dean to see or interpret.

Fighters reacted via Twitter, and the response showed rare unanimity – Herb Dean is an amazing ref, but the call was not the right one.

Joe Rogan @joerogan
•Referees have the second hardest job in MMA after the fighters. I have the easiest and i f— up all the time. We're all flawed humans.
•Herb Dean is as good a referee as there is. If you disagree after the stoppage always know that Herb acted in the best interest of safety
•I appreciate that people are pissed because you're passionate and love the sport. I'm just giving my thoughts. We were all disappointed

Miesha Tate @MieshaTate
I thought the stoppage was early personally but I don't agree with better safe than sorry lol its the fighter in me I guess #UFC169

Joe Lauzon @JoeLauzon 
•Urijah was hurt but that was a bad stoppage. #UFC169
•Being a ref is always a tough spot. I would never want to be a ref. Way too much pressure. #

Daniel Cormier @dc_mma
Thata too bad! Keep ur head up champ! @UrijahFaber

Ian McCall @Unclecreepymma
Always a bridesmaid… Never a bride

jimi manuwa @POSTERBOYJM
•Gracious in defeat is Faber. Great respect to him.

Zachary Makovsky @ZachFunSize
Early … #UFC169

Steven Siler @Stevesiler
not the best way for the last 2 @ufc ppv a to end, first @SpiderAnderson leg break then @RenanBaraoUFC and @UrijahFaber fight stopped early

Cung Le @CungLe185
Dammmm that a championship fight, got to let it go a little longer!

Joseph Benavidez @JoeJitsu
Disagree with that stoppage! @UrijahFaber is a fucking legend! #UFC169 #PeoplesChamp

Jimmy Smith @jimmysmithmma
Have to respect @UrijahFaber not losing his s— after the fight. Dude is a class act.

Josh Barnett @JoshLBarnett
Damn. What about that stoppage in the Barao v. Faber main event guys? No bueno.

Conor McGregor @TheNotoriousMMA
If that was a spar, I would have let that flow. Herb is the MAN. But we all make mistakes. Arms fade. And them arms were fading. UFC 169

Michael Chiesa @MikeMav22
•Faber stepped up on short notice and got screwed. Herb is a great ref, one of the best, but that was a TERRIBLE stoppage.
•I thought refs were supposed to let guys actually FIGHT in the main event of a HUGE ppv. That was a bad stoppage, period.

•This what I am taking about MMA and NHB in MMA you get referee who could not make it in the ring calls a fight on a soon to be hall of famer
•If you have fought at a high level how does a referee know when you are hurt some people can handle mor than other people this is wrrong
•NHB at least we got to end it not some failed fighter turned Referee I hate pointing out stuff on one person but this has to stop
•Not to say Faber would win but let the fighters make that call not some ref who think he is trying to protect a world class fighter please

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
S— stoppage there by herb dean. Granted baroa had faber hurt but at time of stoppage faber was blocking the strikes being thrown #ufc169

joey beltran @mexicutioner760
Wow sucks cuz Herb is usually a great ref but that stoppage was dogs—. What a s—ty night of fights.

Danny Castillo @lastcall155
I wish Herb Dean ref'd my last fight.

Mark Bocek @MarkBocek
Early stoppage, but it would not have changed the final result IMO… #UFC169