UFC accident-insurance coverage saves Cub Swanson $50,000

UFC accident-insurance coverage saves Cub Swanson $50

During a June 2 session at Greg Jackson’s in New Mexico, a training partner inadvertently tagged Cub Swanson– full force – with a knee to the face. It resulted in orbital, nasal and cheek fractures, as well as a broken jaw. Seven weeks after the injury, the UFC fighter remains on an all-liquid diet.

Swanson immediately called his UFC contact with one question.

“‘So yeah, that insurance kicked in, right?'” Swanson asked.

Yes, it had. One day prior.

As the UFC’s first fighter to use the organization’s recently enacted accident-insurance coverage, Swanson saved himself a whopping $50,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs.

In May, UFC president Dana White announced the first-of-its-kind coverage, which protects Zuffa LLC’s approximately 400 contracted fighters from various injuries and ailments year-round, regardless if it occurs during a training session or not. Zuffa pays 100 percent of the premiums up to $50,000 per year per fighter.

“I’m glad they found it,” Swanson said. And they said the coverage that we have is a start, and I believe it’ll evolve into even better coverage … I’m super thankful. I can’t wait to get back in there and repay them.”

A three-time “Fight of the Night” winner in the WEC, he’s now just anxious for that long-awaited UFC debut, which is unlikely to come before December as his face heals from the injuries and multiple surgeries.

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